About VRP

Founded in 1991 as Qualisoft Inc., we started by developing a DOS solution for shoe stores. By working closely with retailers, listening to their needs and identifying their concerns, the program grew and evolved into one that now provides functionality for businesses in any retail vertical market.

When Microsoft Windows became the industry leader in business operating systems, VRP helped lead the pack by providing a touch screen cash register solution - something that is now an industry standard. Being "Designed with Touch in Mind" put our solution in a class by itself.

Today, VRP offers one complete Point of Sale and Inventory Management software solution that is made for retailers by retailers. Thousands of users around the globe trust our robust functionality, flexibility, and practical interface to run their business. Our solution is customizable, because we know that no two businesses are alike. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff supports our customers both nationally and overseas.

We are just a stone's throw away from the commercial center of the world, New York City - our headquarters are in Hackensack, New Jersey - has helped us see every change in the retail business up close.

At Visual Retail Plus, our goal is to provide the most up-to-date software solution while maintaining a close and personal relationship with each and every one of our customers.

Meet our team:

Dafna Halevy
Co-Founder and CEO
Dafna has an eye for seeing what the world needs and has been developing businesses for over 35 years. Her life experience, professionalism, business leadership and education in accounting allows her to make VRP the successful business it is today.

Woody Halevy
C-Founder and VP
Woody has been developing software for many years and always keeps up-to-date with market and technology changes. His experience and passion for data mining and analyzing data patterns always keeps him thinking one step ahead.

Hili Shrem
Director of Business Development
Hili's passion for working with people and experience in the HR and training field for both small and large corporate America companies allows her to find a connection with any person that comes her way. Handling VRP's marketing and branding goes hand-in-hand with speaking with new prospects on a daily basis.