Get to Know Our All-in-One POS System

Three-Dimensional Matrix

Manage your inventory by creating groups, subgroups, and tertiary groups of products and adding items based on type of item, width, inseam, length, color, material, shape, and more. Get and stay organized no matter what products you have on hand.

Product Pictures

Create a visual inventory at the POS so it’s easy to recognize a product based on the name as well as an image. Staying organized and maintaining a system can be challenging, especially with several employees, but Visual Retail Plus makes it simple.

Product Search

Sometimes items are missed in the tagging process, or a tag falls off. When a customer wants to purchase an item that can’t be scanned, our POS system allows you to quickly search for the item based on vendor, color, size, or style.

Layaway and Hold Options

For holidays, birthdays, or getting ready for a new school season, shopping for clothes can be expensive. VRP gives your customers the option to either put items on hold or on layaway so they can pay the balance off over time. Add an expiration date, easily find customer information, the items in their order, and more.

Store-to-Store Transfers

If your store doesn’t have the right size pair of pants on hand, quickly find a location in the area that does. The item can easily be transferred from one location to another.

Customer Pick-up

Give your customers the freedom to choose between going and picking up the item from another store or having that item delivered to a location that is convenient for them. If they choose to pick it up, it will be placed on hold. With Visual Retail Plus, you can be confident that you’re giving your customers the best shopping experience possible.

Coupon Options

Give coupons to top customers or based on receipt sales, create coupons based on percentage off, a dollar amount off, and more. For special occasions or promotions, you can rely on being able to easily create coupons and feel confident that they will work correctly at the POS.

Group Products to Create Kits

Do you want to sell a bundle that includes a tie, a shirt, and cufflinks? Or a hat, purse, and scarf? Group products together to promote sales. Don’t worry about how this will affect inventory, because each kit will be sold together, but each item will be tracked individually. Make shopping fun for customers, but still effectively manage our inventory.


Your shoppers should feel valued. Our POS system is an all-in-one software that includes a customer relations management program. Keep track of shopping history, create email lists and send emails, print coupons for customers, track loyalty points, and so much more.

Seasonal Planning

Every retail store wants holidays and special events to be successful, but it’s always a worry whether there will be enough inventory on hand. Our point of sale will track existing inventory on the shelf, stored merchandise, and provide recommendations based on sales history. You can always head into a busy season feeling confident.

Time and Attendance

The staff who are managing and working in your store also need to have an easy-to-use software to track their hours, commissions, overtime pay, breaks, and more. Our software is easily integrated with third parties like ADP.

Inventory Management, POS, and More

Navigating the intricate nuances of the apparel industry is one of the great mysteries of business. Whether you run an e-commerce storefront selling specialty athletic apparel or a boutique catering to bespoke men’s haberdashery, you will need the support of an effective Point of Sale and Inventory Management system.

You may have fifty locations or just one, at Visual Retail Plus we provide you with all of the detailed information to succeed. We take great pride in helping, both small and large businesses alike, maximize their efficiency and agility within the apparel vertical.