1. POS software for small businesses visual retail plus

    What Is Point of Sale and Why Your Small Business Needs it

    There is much more to setting up a small business than meets the eye. From moving to a great idea and writing out your business plan to picking out a location, buying everything you need for it, including inventory, hiring employees, and getting ready for opening day, you’ve got a lot on your plate to handle. So when it comes to making your small business run smoothly, you need all the help you …Read More

  2. Irreplaceable Qualities of Brick-and-Mortar Stores

    With the development of online shopping and the convenience surrounding it, owners of brick-and-mortar retail stores might be finding themselves facing the challenge of staying relevant, and more, staying open. Seeking business from a culture that is constantly surrounded by screens and technology that makes daily living convenient, quick, and easy is a challenge that many storefronts face. Of cou…Read More

  3. Retail Store Layout Tactics

    As a business owner, you might be able to spot a marketing or a store layout strategy a mile away, but the average shopper probably just wants to find the product they are looking for and get out quickly. For anyone coming into your store, whether they know what they are looking for or not, you want to make their shopping experience as convenient as possible while also trying to increase sales. Th…Read More

  4. 5 Tips on Improving Your Upselling Technique

    A majority of retail employees are urged to upsell, whether it’s a store credit card, an extra pair of shoes, or a bracelet that matches a pair of earrings. Not all employees, however, are natural salespeople, making that particular part of the job somewhat annoying, if not just downright stressful. But from the business owner’s perspective, upselling is a crucial part of increasing sales and …Read More

  5. Top 7 Retail Customer Service Tips

    When people head out to shop, whether it’s for clothes, furniture, or a canoe, they expect to be able to easily find what they need, find someone when they have questions, and check out quickly. Shopping can be fun for some, but for others it’s a chore — the busy parking lots, expensive prices, and complications at checkout. For business owners, because the success of their company is depend…Read More

  6. Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Employees Motivated

    We’re near the end of February, and it’s about this time where the drive and motivation of the new year start to wear off. If you’ve been sticking to your business intentions, but you’re noticing that your employees are starting to lose motivation, it’s your job to ensure that it doesn’t happen. While we can’t force feed your employees to feel good about their job or motivated to be …Read More

  7. Things That are Helping Small Businesses Succeed

    Owning a business is something that so many people want to do and being an entrepreneur has never been so easy! The past few years have been a time where a lot of light is shed on small businesses, meaning that they have finally been given a chance to succeed. Visual Retail Plus is a team made up of individuals who were once small business owners, so there’s nothing that we love more than to hea…Read More

  8. Restaurant Promotions for Valentines Day – Part 2

    In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the promotion ideas that you can take advantage of as a restaurant owner. Given that this is such a big day, and we can’t help but love the opportunity to bring in a crowd, we are going to continue to touch on a few ideas that you could take advantage of in your restaurant this Valentine’s Day. Let’s dive right in since the holiday is just a few …Read More

  9. Valentine’s Day Specials to Promote in Your Restaurant

    February is the month of love. Not only is it a month where the cold of winter starts to melt away, but it’s the month where love is celebrated across the country. Valentine’s day, while some believe it to be a cliche, is a day dedicated to lovebirds spoiling each other with little gifts, getting dolled up, and enjoying a night out on the town. If you’re the owner of a restaurant, this is a …Read More

  10. 4 Technological Advances That Have Changed the Restaurant Industry

    The service industry has been around for years, but in the last couple of years, we’ve seen some significant advancements in technology that have changed the restaurant industry. While some of these technological changes have received poor reviews, there is a lot of positive feedback and adaptation that has happened. If you’re the owner of a restaurant, it’s crucial that you know what types …Read More