1. Retail Software Systems Improve Operations

    Retail software solutions are helping merchants run more effective. It is increasingly important for merchants to keep an eye on costs at all times. Over the last few years, this has meant an increase in the use of point of sale equipment and software solutions being used to improve operations and streamline a number of processes. However, as with any new solution, there are challenges. Retail …Read More

  2. Gun sale ban lifted in Chicago

    A ban on firearm sales in Chicago has been lifted. The firearm retail market just landed a major victory in the city of Chicago. According to an article from Chicago Tribune News, this area has had a decades-long ban of the sale of handgun sales and some of the strictest firearm ordinances in the country. However, this month, U.S. District Judge Edmond Chang announced that the ban would be remove…Read More

  3. Visual Retail Plus’s takeaways from 2014 NRF Big Show

    The NRF Big Show Expo has wrapped up in New York. This week in New York City, over 30,000 attendees and 500 exhibiting companies came out for the National Retail Federation's Big Show Conference and EXPO. The event was filled with good vibes as organizations from across the industry rubbed elbows and discussed the past, present and future of every aspect of the retail landscape. A recent article …Read More

  4. Research shows SMB retail security lacking

    Security for small businesses is proving to be a challenge. Anyone who has paid attention to the retail landscape is aware of the growing complexity at which cyber criminals are attacking retailers. If they were not, the news of the Target breach that is affecting 110 million customers was a real eye-opener. Unfortunately. many businesses are vulnerable. A recent article from Help Net Security e…Read More

  5. Target Data Breach Expands to 110 Million Customers

    The data breach from Target now affects 110 million customers. Last month, the retail world was rocked by the news that Target has been the victim of an extended security breach during the busiest shopping time of the year. Business owners and consumers alike have been talking about the estimated 40 million customers' names, credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and security codes stole…Read More

  6. Integrating e-commerce solutions critical for accurate reporting

    Businesses need to integrate e-commerce and physical sales reporting. The e-commerce side of a business is becoming more important in all industries and there are numerous ways that a business can improve the look and functionality of their websites. Most of us have made purchases through a website and been turned away from doing so because it is poorly designed or glitchy. Just look at the fiasc…Read More

  7. Visual Retail Plus will exhibit at the NRF Big Show

    Visual Retail Plus will be attending the NRF Big Show in New York. In New York City, from January 12 through 15, the 103rd annual National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show will be held. Considered to be the biggest event for point of sale software and hardware providers, the event is filled with exhibitors and visitors from all over the world to see what is new in the market. Visual Retail Plus is…Read More

  8. Are Pricing Glitches Hurting Your Business?

    Pricing glitches can be costly for a business. With more merchants rolling out point of sale software and integrated systems, it is not that much of a stretch to think a mom and pop store could pay for an upgrade and suddenly find itself overwhelmed. Technology can be scary and when something goes wrong with a process you rely on but don't fully understand, the fallout can be widespread. A recent…Read More

  9. ‘IT lockdown’ Damaging Retail Security Protocols

    Retail security gets "frozen" during the holiday season. During the holiday shopping season, the focus of many retailer decision-makers is on optimizing every potential sales opportunity. Businesses do not experience a more concentrated volume of customers looking to spend money than this and it can account for between 20 percent and 40 percent of annual sales according to the National Retail Fede…Read More

  10. What Trends Should Merchants Know About for the New Year?

    What retail trends should merchants be aware of for 2014? Over the last year, many retailers have had the internal discussions about upgrading their point of sale equipment and the software that backs it. While some jumped on the bandwagon, others held off for a variety of reason, knowing the topic could be revisited at a later time. However, with more innovations hitting the market and consumer t…Read More