1. POS System Skills Make List of Most In-demand of 2013

    POS system skills are in high demand. The retail landscape is always in a state of flux, especially when it comes to employee turnover. With a seasonal and younger workforce, it would seem like a skill set near the top of the 2013 in-demand list would not come from this sector. However, recent innovations have made the retail world more important. Recently, LinkedIn released a list of the top 25 m…Read More

  2. How did the Target POS hack happen?

    How did the Target POS hack happen? Last week, this blog covered the security breach of Target that resulted in credit card information from 40 million customers being compromised. This happened during the height of the holiday shopping season (late-November through mid-December) and how far it reaches is still being felt. The one thing we don't know, however, is how the attack happened. The compa…Read More

  3. Streamline and Integration Top 2014 POS Trends List

    The POS system will see major changes in the coming year. The cash register has undergone changes in the last decade and more major shifts are on the horizon. Merchants need to be aware of this or run the risk of falling behind the competition. A recent article from Retail Info Systems News examined some of the main trends that will play a major role in the retail point of sale landscape in 2014. …Read More

  4. 40 million Customers Affected by Target POS Breach

    Target is the latest victim of a POS security breach. Any merchant that takes in consumer credit card information needs to ensure they are able to securely store and manage it. This seems like a no brainer, but with the way that POS equipment is evolving, it has become harder than ever to ensure this data is safe at all times. This goes for companies of all sizes. Target released a statement this…Read More

  5. Merchants Have More Payment and Ordering Options Than Ever

    Consumers have a number of new payment options. The way that many consumers purchase items has changed dramatically over the last few years. With technology advancing, customers have many options to transfer funds. Retailers that don't recognize this run the risk of falling behind their more tech-savvy competition. According to a recent study by financial services technology solution provider Fi…Read More

  6. Will Strong Holiday Sales Numbers Carry Over Into 2014?

    The holiday shopping numbers have been strong so far. For retailers, the last few months of the year is the sales Super Bowl. With everyone shopping for the holiday season, sales numbers skyrocket and many companies push to reach sales deadlines. As recent reports indicate, this could be one of the strongest shopping times in years. A recent article from Retail Customer Experience examined the cur…Read More

  7. Merchants Should Wait on Mobile POS Due to Security Concerns

    Mobile POS devices house major security flaw. In the retail world, many organizations have been looking to go mobile when it comes to the cash registers. This involves using smartphones and tablets with special credit card readers and applications to take the place of traditional POS equipment. Associates are now able to run a transaction from anywhere in the store, speeding up customers' experie…Read More

  8. Merchants Need to Improve the In-store Customer Experience

    The Apple store is using iBeacon, to help track customers through the store. With the growing use of e-commerce, more merchants need to find ways to improve the overall consumer experience in brick-and-mortar locations. This has some companies thinking far outside the box. According to multiple sources, Apple has rolled out a new feature to the Apple Store app called the iBeacon that allows consum…Read More

  9. Proper POS Software Needed for any Payment Technology Advance

    More restaurants are putting ordering into the hands of customers with tablets. Many retailers and restaurant owners have been looking for different ways to improve the customer experience. One strategy that many organizations have implemented involves a self-service checkout line. Organizations like Walmart, Home Depot, and Stop and Shop have self-checkout lines that are popular with consumers, a…Read More

  10. Criminals Evolving Cash Register Theft Tactics

    More criminals are evolving their tactics when it comes to POS theft. Every merchant needs to be concerned with the security of their cash registers. This doesn't just mean by making sure no one is able to grab cash from the drawer, but also staying on top of the latest ways that criminals are trying to steal money. Retailers should be well aware of the ways that the point of sale and inventory s…Read More