1. New York Bakery Using Integrated Software to Improve Operations

    Bakery using POS software to improve operations. Merchants have a wealth of information at their fingertips that can help them understand their business and customers better. However, many retailers do not have a quality reporting system in place and are missing out on a great way to improve their decision making and the bottom line. A recent article from Small Business Trends profiled Butter Lane…Read More

  2. POS Malware ‘Dexter’ Takes Millions from South African Consumers

    A POS security hack took millions from South African banks. Back in December of last year, the payment industry was alerted to a new piece of malware that was specifically targeting point-of-sale software in the retail arena. Known as "Dexter," it has helped criminal organizations get their hands on customer credit card information by infecting businesses' systems and copying any card data that …Read More

  3. E-commerce is Pushing the Future of Retail Sales

    E-commerce will play a major role in the future of retail. In the retail world, it is important for merchants to pay attention to the latest trends. If consumers are flocking to a particular fashion style or food product, retailers in those markets would be wise to find a way to incorporate these systems into daily operations. However, this also goes for POS equipment as the failure to offer the p…Read More

  4. The Importance of POS Software

    Technology will be revolutionizing the POS system. The cash register is a focal point of nearly every retail business. However, it has changed from an essentially being a large calculator and safe to become a complete business operations tool. A report from Retail Info Systems News covered a current two-year-project by national grocery store chain Whole Foods. The company is in the process of upda…Read More

  5. Study: 131 million shoppers to take advantage of Cyber Monday

    Cyber Monday will draw nearly 131 million shoppers. While many consumers are still dealing with hangover of Black Friday shopping weekend, they are aware the shopping season is far from over. This is because Cyber Monday is just beginning. According to a report from the National Retail Federation (NRF), 141 million Americans shopped over the holiday weekend. However, according to a survey conduct…Read More

  6. Inventory Tracking The Key to Retail Success

    Inventory tracking is key to retail success. During the holiday shopping season, there are a number of processes that need to be considered in order for companies to successfully navigate through the busiest time of the year. This doesn't just include having the right POS equipment, but also ensuring that the software systems are integrated. A recent article from Retail Solutions Online claims th…Read More

  7. More Retailers Relying on Big Data and Reporting

    Sales Reporting is a key factor to retail success. We are just a few days away from the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Droves of shoppers will make their way to department stores and malls to try to get those Black Friday deals at the crack of dawn, if not earlier. While businesses will need to make sure their POS equipment will be able to handle the influx of customers, it is a…Read More

  8. POS Software Solutions Needed to Integrate Multiple Payment Options

    The payment world is shifting and merchants need to be ready. It is impossible to deny that there is a change coming to traditional point of sale systems. With the evolution of options like the cloud and mobile devices, there is an abundance of new options that are changing the face of payment options in the retail world. A recent Business Solutions article features an interview with Scott Lamb, t…Read More

  9. Is Your Business Taking Advantage of International Fraud Awareness Week?

    We are in the middle of Fraud Prevention Week. Being aware of fraud involving point of sale system is something that every business should be cognizant of. However, it is even more relevant this month as we are in the middle of International Fraud Awareness Week. The event was created by the world's largest anti-fraud organization, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners—a group with 25 …Read More

  10. Strong October Sales Numbers Predict Better Holiday Season

    Strong October sales numbers predict better holiday numbers. For every merchant, it is important to pay attention to sales numbers if they want to be successful. The more accurate the report, the easier it is for business owners to make decisions and notice trends. This not only goes for how well individual companies are doing, but also how entire sectors are doing. According to the most recent fi…Read More