1. Analytics and Reporting a Growing Trend for Retailers

    Analytics are helping retailers make smarter decisions. It is no secret that technology is making larger headway in the retail world as point of sale software and the latest systems are allowing organizations to gain more information about their customers and create new best practices. However, we are only in the beginning of the push toward business intelligence and analytics in the retail sect…Read More

  2. Tips for Picking the Right POS System

    Picking the right POS system can be a complicated process. Every retailer knows how important it is to have a proper point of sale solution. All revenue coming into a business must pass through these systems and mistakes in these areas can cause a devastating ripple effect for an organization. For small businesses that can't afford a bump in the road like this, finding the best option right off th…Read More

  3. Incorporating E-Commerce into POS Systems

    Incorporating e-commerce solutions into POS systems is the next level of business. For any retailer, the point of sale system is a centralized tool for success. A computerized POS system is now a standard component of best practices. It allows organizations to bring cash register operations together with inventory tracking and sales reporting at the click of a button mouse, and this is only the be…Read More

  4. Companies Of All Sizes Vulnerable to POS Hacks

    Every company can become a victim of a POS hack. Most small businesses do not believe they can become the victim of the cyber attack. The thought process is that there are so many larger companies in the marketplace, why would cyber criminals focus on the small fish? There are two reasons for this. One, point of sale software is connecting cash registers to the companies network and two, those sys…Read More

  5. POS Software Key to Cash Register Integration

    Point of sale software is key to cash register integration. In the retail sector, the cash register is a focal point of a business. All revenue flows through these systems and they have evolved from just a place to hold cash to a fully integrated business center. Now, some of the hottest IT trends, like the cloud and mobile devices, are getting in on the act. A recent article from TabTimes examine…Read More