1. In the news: POS systems involve IoT technology

    Point of sale systems could offer shoppers a more customized experience with the IoT. Technology has changed the face of retail. Where once you had to step into a store to choose specific items, you can now do so from your mobile device. As we rely more on technology, retailers must find ways to integrate into the shopping experience. POS systems may provide a more customized interaction Imagine y…Read More

  2. Can social media and POS go hand-in-hand?

    Popular social media icons Consumers are pinged, emailed and notified by a range of different apps during the day. That can make it difficult for retailers to cut through the noise. What if they were able to reach their customers on these channels? Email campaigns have long been part of the retailer's arsenal - and they can now use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. Howeve…Read More

  3. The Future of Retail Depends on Talent

    Technology isn't enough - retailers need the best talent to succeed. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that about 15.4 million people worked in retail trade. The agency predicted this number would rise to 16.1 million by 2024. But for an industry that plays such an important role in the economy and employs so many workers, retail is often misunderstood. It's a common misconception…Read More

  4. Retailers Debate the Future of Cash

    Retailers may be more willing to embrace a cashless society. Are we quickly approaching a cashless society? It can certainly seem that way sometimes. In the United States, credit and debit cards are quite popular, and mobile payment services like Venmo have picked up steam. In addition, services like Square make it easier for small retailers to accept payment cards using only mobile devices. Perry…Read More

  5. Survey: Organized Shoplifting Is On The Rise

    Organized retail theft is a growing problem for retail stores. Shoplifting has always been a problem for retailers, and sometimes a widespread one. The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention estimates that in the past five years, more than 10 million people have been caught shoplifting in the U.S. The value of items stolen tend to range from a few dollars to a few hundred. If not addresse…Read More

  6. Amazon Plans New Physical Convenience Store

    Amazon is planning a store where there will be no checkout lines. Despite revolutionizing online retail, Amazon has shown that it is not completely satisfied with staying on the web. Last year, for instance, the company made its first foray into physical retail by opening up a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Seattle. Customers were able to browse bookshelves as usual, prompted by helpful reviews lef…Read More

  7. Holiday Shoppers Head Out In Force

    The post-election holiday shopping scene is in much better shape. Earlier in November, we featured a post on this blog examining the effect the presidential election season may have had on retail sales. At the time, it appeared that shoppers were feeling a little more conservative than normal, but that once the votes were tallied they would be prepared to spend. Now that a new president has been c…Read More

  8. Holiday Returns Pose A Challenge To Retailers

    An expected spike in holiday returns poses a challenge to stores. The holiday season isn't just busy because everyone is out shopping. Soon, retailers expect to see a spike in returns. Maybe it's because gift-givers changed their minds and decided to get something else. Or maybe the recipient wasn't as fond of the present as the giver thought. In fact, last year, a survey by the National Retail Fe…Read More

  9. Electronic Gift Cards Grow In Popularity

    Gift cards are popular, and many shoppers are choosing electronic versions. Gift cards are a convenient and popular way for people to buy holiday presents for their friends and loved ones without having to go through the hassle of actually choosing a specific gift that the recipient may or may not like. As of 2015, almost 93 percent of Americans surveyed said they have either sent or received a gi…Read More

  10. How Will The End Of The Election Affect Holiday Shopping?

    Once the votes are counted,will consumers feel confident enough to shop? It seems as if everyone's eyes are on the U.S. presidential election. With early voting underway in many states and less than two weeks left before the rest of the ballots are cast and counted on Nov. 8, the end of this tumultuous political season is within sight. While the coming of a new presidential administration raises m…Read More