1. Why should your business use a point of sale system?

    A sustainable point of sale system is essential for business success. Making a major change in your business structure can seem daunting, especially when it comes to smaller companies. A large shift can be time consuming, costly and uprooting, but is most often necessary for better management processes. "Two main benefits of a point of sale system include accuracy and analytics." If your business …Read More

  2. Do Four Walls Really Make a Store?

    What is most important during a shopping experience? Although digital sales continue to increase store revenues across the U.S., the ability to visit a brick and mortar retail location is essential as well. Recent TimeTrade research has found that 71 percent of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when they have experienced a personalized moment in the actual store. By creating a better sho…Read More

  3. In-store customer expectations continue to rise

    How important is a customer's opinion of their shopping experience? There are many pieces of the puzzle that come into play when delivering the best shopping experience possible. Some of these pieces are more important than others, such as quick delivery times, short lines and stocked shelves. But with this in mind, what do customers really expect when shopping? According to recent research conduc…Read More

  4. What Do Consumers Expect From Your POS System?

    More mobile payment options are expected in shopping experiences. The point of sale market continues to change for both retailers and consumers. Although many retailers may think of POS as just for their use, consumers are beginning to realize their importance as well. According to a study released by SOTI, 73 percent of respondents stated the availability of in-store mobile technology is essentia…Read More

  5. How should you choose your next POS system?

    How is the point of sale industry changing? With the EMV liability shift deadline of October 1, 2015 long gone, many small businesses may be wondering what information they should base their point of sale choice on. The EMV change consisted of a deadline for retail merchants who accept payment in the form of credit and debit cards. Their systems had to be changed to include the new EMV chip and pi…Read More

  6. Three Retail Predictions for 2016

    Shopping is set to change in 2016. How should your retail store prepare for 2016? If 2015 is being touted as the year of mobile payment devices and online shopping, 2016 customers will expect much more. As the new year begins, keep the following three predictions in mind. For starters, rethink your current customer loyalty program. According to a recent study conducted by MasterCard, only 18 perce…Read More

  7. Beware of Holiday Fraud This Season

    Beware of shopper fraud at the tail end of this holiday season. Retail fraud remains a major issue for store owners, especially during the holiday season. During this time, shopping both online and in brick and mortar stores increases, with many searching for last-minute gifts or presents for the new year. One of the biggest issues during the holiday season though is return fraud. According to the…Read More

  8. Why should your small business enable mobile payments in 2016?

    How will mobile payment options continue to change the shopping experience? With 2015 coming to a close, many businesses are looking toward 2016 and how their customer approach, interactions and overall sales can be improved. For many, the adoption of secure, reliable mobile payments is an essential part of this change. According to a 2015 report conducted by Accenture, more than half of consumers…Read More

  9. Consumers Anticipate Spending More this Holiday Season

    Is your store ready for the rest of the holiday shopping season? Although personal income growth remains stagnant for many Americans, consumers anticipate spending 11 percent more on holiday items this 2015 holiday season. Despite this surge for some, 75 percent of respondents indicated that they would spend the same amount as last year. The increase will be small for retailers, a jump from 3.5 p…Read More

  10. What is the 2016 Forecast for POS Systems?

    Retail stores are set to change in terms of payments, as well as shopper expectations, during 2016. Where will retail point of sale systems find themselves in 2016? There are many predictions being made, with experts agreeing on most. But what are they actually based on? In terms of retail, many new trends emerged in 2015.  Three of the top trends include: Mobile payment opportunities: The abili…Read More