1. Three Leadership Tips to Keep in Mind This Shopping Season

    Is your management team ready for the holiday rush? As the holiday lines, inventory shipments and customer desires continue to fall into place this holiday season, be sure your management team is ready to lead. Employees will look to management for guidance during the customer rushes, any sale issues and all the problems that fall in-between. Management, especially those that are located on the ac…Read More

  2. Security Should Be At the Center of Your POS

    Maintaining security, both within the point of sale system and along the other parts of the retail chain, is essential. What is the most important feature of your business' point of sale system? Although administrative tasks, inventory tracking and purchase orders are crucial, security should remain at the forefront Some of the most common, "smaller" security issues that a POS may face include de…Read More

  3. How is the Shopping Market Changing?

    Shopping continues into the holiday season.  ShopperTrack, a global provider of consumer behavior insights and analytics, recently released the preliminary sales estimates for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The two major shopping days accumulated $12.1 billion in combined sales, an estimated decrease from 2014. Thanksgiving saw about $1.8 billion in sales, while Black Friday came in at $10.4 bi…Read More

  4. Consumers willing to pay for better customer service

    Customers will pay more for better customer service. What do customers expect during their shopping experience? According to The State of Consumer Service 2015, over half of consumers would pay more money for better customer care from their preferred brands. The report, surveying people from across the globe, found that the importance of customer service and experience has no real barriers, and is…Read More

  5. Earlier sales spur holiday shopping sooner than usual

    Many shoppers are choosing to give gift cards this holiday season. The holiday shopping season has already begun, and many retailers are scrambling to keep pace. What are patrons actually buying though? Gift trends and the latest "it" thing vary each year. According to the National Retail Federation Gift Card Spending Survey, purchases have deviated from last year, but not by too much. Many shoppe…Read More

  6. How Stressful Can Gift Giving Really Be?

    Is your store ready for the remainder of the holiday shopping season? With the holiday season upon shoppers across the globe, stress levels are rising, according to a new survey conducted by Needle, an e-commerce leader. The national consumer survey has found that gift giving has now surpassed family obligations and holiday travel for the most stressful aspect for this time of year. Significant o…Read More

  7. Prepare for an Influx of Shoppers this Holiday Season

    The holiday shopping boom is beginning earlier than usual. Although mobile commerce continues to expand within most industries, it is not projected to play a large role in the 2015 holiday shopping season. According to a recent study conducted by Accenture, only 2 percent of shoppers are planning to do the majority of their shopping on mobile devices. Why? Many indicated that privacy and security…Read More

  8. Staff loyalty, customers and your business

    Is your business prepared for the increase in shoppers this season? There are many different aspects of development and success that businesses should focus on. One that should never fall by the wayside is customer service. Many management teams understand the importance of customer-centric plans, as well as the loyalty of employees, but how can both be fostered at once? Keep the following thre…Read More

  9. Three Things to Keep in Mind for a Successful Holiday Shopping Season

    As the holiday season gets closer, be sure you're ready for the customer and payment influx. As the holiday shopping season begins and continues into the New Year, there are many important things to keep in mind, especially as a store owner. Keep the following three tips in mind for a profitable, customer-centric shopping experience. Develop and execute a holiday plan. According to a recent survey…Read More

  10. Is your biggest threat behind your POS?

    Shoplifting can cause serious issues in a store, especially if left undetected. When retail store owners and other businesses think of securing their data or products, many think of hackers, shoppers that may be apt to steal and cyber crimes. What many may not think of, though,  are their own employees. According to the 2015 Global Retail Theft Barometer, "shrink" increased in the U.S. from 1.28 …Read More