Who doesn’t love a good bookstore? Bookstores have traditionally been a gathering place for artists, writers and poets. They have a distinct smell that brings a hint of nostalgia to any book lover. Anyone who has spent a vast amount of time in a bookstore will tell you that one of the great joys is in the discovery of a great book. This type of customer experience is one of the factors that can make or break a bookstore, Visual Retail Plus is committed to providing the best point of sale and inventory management possible. As with any retail or e-commerce operation, customer relations is just as important as the type of books you stock on you shelves. The VRP suite of software can allow you to effortlessly manage the day to day aspects of your bookstore.

The Visual Retail Plus, Bookstore Vertical POS Solution Includes:

  • ISBN search, such as: title, author, publisher, subject and much more
  • Child UPCs
  • User defined fields for relevant information such as special editions.
  • New and used book price levels
  • Rechargeable allowance cards
  • Supports additional products such as bookmarks, pens, beverages, etc…
  • CRM (Customer Relation Manager) for customer information, keep track of previous purchases, email blasts, printing shopping habit coupons, gift cards, and loyalty points/cards acquired and redeemed.
  • Kits (gift packages), allowing the pairing of different items together such as books and DVDs, in order to promote sales. Inventory is updated both as a kit has been sold, and each item is separately deducted to keep inventory accurate.
  • A variety of coupon types, ranging from percent, to amount off, receipt totals, groups, and many more. Add to that our easy to use, auto-discount system and promotions are always easy to apply.
  • Pricing of specific items can be changed automatically at a specified date and time.
  • A three dimensional matrix allowing you to add and attach each item to a specific group, sub group and tertiary group by author and type of book including: hard or soft cover per book.
  • Ability to search each item by vendor, author or artist, name of book/album for tag less items.
  • Red level, seasonal planning that gives you recommendations for new orders. In addition, tracks existing inventory and provides recommendations for sales VS storage.
  • Time and Attendance: commission and allowance are tracked.