Get to Know the Features of Visual Retail Plus

ISBN Search

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is given to every book, making it an efficient way to search for titles without looking through the stacks. Search by title, author, publisher, subject, and more, making finding the exact item you’re looking for a breeze.

Child UPCs

Children’s books are fun and educational, setting them up for the future. Easily search through your inventory of children’s books with a UPC code.

Special Searches

Enter user-defined fields for relevant information such as special editions. Make it easy for employees and customers to quickly get the supplies they need.

Tagless Searches

The POS software also offers the ability to search for items by author, title, or genre when an item doesn’t have a tag on it. Don’t waste time trying to find a similar item or trying to guess a price.

Price Variables

Set prices for books depending on whether they are new, used, or special editions. Save your customers money while also ensuring a profit for items that have been in the inventory for too long.

Automatic Price Changes

Planning ahead is easy with automatic price changes. Simply set the price in the system and when the sale begins, put the sale items out for people to see. No worrying about double-checking to see if they will ring up correctly.

Allowance Cards

Perfect for students at a college or university who need to purchase books each semester.

Range of Inventory Types

The point of sale software is great for any type of bookstore, but it’s not just for book sales. Also include a wide range of inventory, such as bookmarks, pens, beverages, music albums, artwork, and more.

Gift Packages

Create gift packages, or kits, to help customers save money, while also promoting sales for your store. By bundling items, such as a notebook, pens, and a highlighter, customers will be getting a valuable purchase. The packages are easy to manage as each will be deducted from the inventory as well as each individual item.

Coupon Types

Offer a variety of coupons to show appreciation for your customers and also increasing sales for your store! Create coupons based on shopping history, or generate coupons with a certain percentage off, a dollar amount off, and more. It’s also easy to create auto-discounts for promotions.

Three-Dimensional Matrix

Maintain an organized inventory by creating groups, subgroups, and tertiary groups. Each item can then be added to a group based on the author, genre, hard cover, soft cover, and more. Inventory management has never been easier with an intuitive, all-in-one POS software designed with bookstores in mind.

Seasonal Planning

For college bookstores, there are very obvious seasons: at the beginning of the year and each semester. General book stores can also plan ahead for holiday seasons and the beginning of the school year. Our point of sale software can recommend new orders, track existing inventory, and manage merchandise on the shelf or in storage.


Get to know your customers with an efficient and effective customer relations manager software. Keep track of favorite genres, previous purchases, create email lists and send emails, loyalty rewards, and more. Make your customers feel valued and appreciated with personalized shopping.

Time and Attendance

Help your employees manage their schedules with our POS system too. Manage hours worked, overtime pay, commission, and more. Easily integrate the software with a third party, such as ADP, to generate reports.

Inventory and POS Solutions For Bookstores

Who doesn’t love a good bookstore? Bookstores have traditionally been a gathering place for artists, writers and poets. They have a distinct smell that brings a hint of nostalgia to any book lover. Anyone who has spent a vast amount of time in a bookstore will tell you that one of the great joys is in the discovery of a great book. This type of customer experience is one of the factors that can make or break a bookstore, Visual Retail Plus is committed to providing the best point of sale and inventory management possible. As with any retail or e-commerce operation, customer relations is just as important as the type of books you stock on you shelves. The VRP suite of software can allow you to effortlessly manage the day to day aspects of your bookstore.