Get to Know Our POS & Inventory Management Software

Combination Kits

Shopping for makeup means grabbing some eyeliner, color eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. When you know your customers are getting multiple items, give them a discount by combining them into kits, while also promoting sales. The kits are deducted from the inventory by the kit SKU number as well as each item individually so that inventory is always accurate.

Freebies Reminders

Do you want to give away a free tube of lip gloss when a customer spends over a certain amount? Offer them discounts or freebies while also increasing sales and ensuring the correct number of products are listed in the inventory.

Matching Product Recommendations

If a customer purchases a container of blush, the POS system can recommend a matching product, such a makeup brush. By offering matching products, you can increase sales while also providing a personalized shopping experience for the customer.

Favorite Items

Makeup and other cosmetics are very personal decisions for shoppers, because they are chosen based on their skin tone, if they have oily skin, etc. The POS software from Visual Retail Plus will store customer’s favorite or commonly purchased items, making their experience smooth and efficient. This will also increase the likelihood that they come back to your store again.

Three-Dimensional Matrix

Manage and keep your inventory organized by creating specific groups, subgroups, and tertiary groups. Then, add various items to those groups depending on their color, ingredients, scent, type, and more. An organized business is easier to manage, which is especially important when the items can be small.

Product Search

It can be frustrating for both the employee and the customer when an item doesn’t have a price tag on it, and someone needs to either find a similar item or the same item with a price on it. With a product search feature, employees can quickly search by vendor, color, application, type, and more.

Coupon Types

Everyone enjoys being able to save some money, especially when purchasing multiple items. Offer personalized coupons based on shopping history per customer, coupons for a certain percentage off, a dollar amount off, or create auto-discount promotions for special events or times of day.

Store-to-Store Transfers

When your store doesn’t have a certain item, being able to quickly find a location in the area that does offer that item means exceptional service for the customer. The customer will then have the choice of going to pick it up, or it being placed on hold until they can make it to that store.

Seasonal Planning

After using our POS software for a few months or years, it can recognize sales history and begin to recommend new orders so your store will always have the inventory it needs ahead of any busy season. It can track existing inventory, products in storage, and merchandise on the shelf.


Create a unique shopping experience for your customers with personalized emails, track customer information like previous purchases, print coupons, offer gift cards, and manage loyalty points/cards. Showing your customers that they are valued is a great way to ensure they keep coming back.

Time and Attendance

Give your employees a time and attendance software that they enjoy using as well. Easily manage hours worked, overtime pay, commission pay, and generate reports to ensure your store is being as productive as possible. The software can be integrated with third parties, such as ADP, so everything can be tracked accurately.

All-in-One Cosmetics Inventory Software

There has not been another moment in history when consumers have had the choice of cosmetics that they do today. The options are seemingly endless and can range from huge e-com outlets to small quaint boutiques. True success in the cosmetics industry hinges on setting yourself apart from the competition. Visual Retail Plus offers a wide range of tools to assist your cosmetics business in attaining that success. All of our services are bundled to stay relevant to the needs of our business. VRP takes great pride in being the point of sale and inventory management partner of so many amazing businesses. Elevate your business to the next level by scheduling a free demo today and see how intuitive VRP software can be.