Visual Retail Plus has partnered with a number of companies across the United States to create an e-commerce website that can be integrated with our point of sale software (POS); ensuring that your inventory remains updated at all times.

Seamless Integration

Our integration keeps your entire inventory synchronized, both in-store and online allowing you to have a single customer database for both. Additionally, your order fulfillment will be managed from one source.


At Visual Retail Plus we are known for our flexibility, customer service, and openness; therefore, if you already have an e-commerce website in place and want to continue your current obligation to the company, we will do our best to seamlessly integrate VRP solutions with their systems. We have built export functions and an XML based on import module for e-commerce sales, including an integration with all Magento platforms.

See How Easy Integration Can Be!

With just one phone call, we will be able to determine just how intuitive it will be to integrate your website with our POS software.


VRP Shopify Integration:

  • On-hand and price updates
  • MSRP, shipping weight, images, and product description
  • Import of sales from Shopify to VRP

VRP Amazon Integration:

  • Setting of Amazon credentials
  • Creating seller SKU and VRP SKU conversion formula
  • Update of selling price
  • Availability in assigned locations
  • Update of VPR orders
  • Shipping data creation
  • Automatic transfer between web store and pick up location