Furniture stores by design are generally of a very large scale, after all, there are potentially hundreds of homes worth of furnishings inside. Wether your business is a furniture store or an online based design gallery, the tools that Visual Retail Plus provides for our client is designed to make your life easier. We have created a comprehensive point of sale system that is incredibly intuitive to use and will allow you to control not just inventory but many more aspects of your furniture business. Contact us today to set up a free demo and see how much your business can benefit from utilizing VRP.    

 The Visual Retail Plus Furniture Vertical, POS Solution Includes:

  • Accept orders for items carried in store and open stock items.
  • Allow the sales rep or cashier to enter variables for each item like fabric, finish, trim etc.
  • Allow the entry and report by due date.
  • Option to create a vendor PO while entering a customer order, including drop shipment address and instructions.
  • Maintain, multiple shipping addresses per customer.
  • Allow to create an order and indicate which items are picked up immediately and which needs to be shipped.
  • Interface with UPS for instant, shipping cost calculation.
  • Built-in function for out of state tax rates.
  • Follow up on customer orders by item, date, customer and on hand status.
  • Follow up on open orders upon receiving of shipments.
  • Print invoices and shipping slips.
  • Attach on-screen images drawn from the cloud or from a local resource.
  • Accept down payments and partial payments.
  • Cloud reporting.