Get to Know Our Furniture Store Point of Sale Software

Orders For In-Store and Stock Items

Customers can easily place orders whether the item is carried in your store or it’s held in storage. Make shopping for furniture as convenient as possible while still managing your inventory.

Product Variables

Keep your inventory organized by adding product variables directly in the POS system, such as fabric, finish, trim, material, color, and more.

Vendor Purchase Orders

Ensure that the entire experience for everyone involved is clear and efficient. Business owners have the ability to create a vendor PO, enter a customer order number, include a drop shipment address, and add instructions to the order. The customer, vendor, shipping company, and business should all be on the same page.

Multiple Shipping Addresses

Perfect for when customers are moving, our POS software can maintain multiple shipping addresses per customer.

Pick-up vs. Shipped Orders

When customers have multiple items in the order, employees can indicate which items are picked up immediately and which need to be shipped to the customer’s home. Create a smooth shopping experience that makes receiving their order as convenient as possible.

Shipping Interface

Our POS system features an interface with UPS so employees can instantly calculate shipping costs. VRP designed our software to ensure that there aren’t any holes or gaps in the entire process, making it efficient for both customer and employee.


When a customer is purchasing from out of state, there is a built-in function that calculates taxes based on where they live. No more spending time researching tax rates per state, Visual Retail Plus does it all for you.

Follow-up on Orders

Give your customers the best customer service by following up with them on their orders. Search by item, date, customer, and on-hand status. Employees can also look into any open orders and notify the customer when a shipment has been received.

Print Invoices and Shipping Slips

All of the paperwork you need is right at your fingertips, including customer invoices, shipping slips, purchase orders, and more.

Product Images

Add an image of the product directly at the POS, or attach images from the cloud or a local resource. Keep your inventory organized and easy to use.

Down Payments

Oftentimes, customers will utilize financing in order to purchase their furniture. Our POS system can easily accept down payments and partial payments for the order.

Cloud Reporting

Get all of the reports you need to effectively run your business directly from the cloud. Visual Retail Plus wants our clients to be able to make informed decisions that can affect their company’s bottom line. Our software is customizable so that you can always get the data you need.

POS and Inventory Management Solutions For Furniture Stores

Furniture stores by design are generally of a very large scale, after all, there are potentially hundreds of homes worth of furnishings inside. Whether your business is a furniture store or an online-based design gallery, the tools that Visual Retail Plus provides for our client is designed to make your life easier. We have created a comprehensive point of sale system that is incredibly intuitive to use and will allow you to control not just inventory but many more aspects of your furniture business. Contact us today to set up a free demo and see how much your business can benefit from utilizing VRP.