Since 1991, Visual Retail Plus has helped merchants in a number of verticals optimize a retail POS system with our Windows point of sale software application that is built specifically for small and medium retail chains.

Close To Real-Time

The “Close to Real Time” mechanism allows multiple locations to access the same information and remain in-sync regarding sales and inventory numbers. This makes VRP a leading POS system offering retail inventory management with a method that allows smooth operation even at times when the Internet is down.

Flexible Dashboard

The control center dashboard allows merchants to toggle features on and off to meet the demands of the business and have them be put into effect immediately without the need to restart the computer or application. VRP’s flexibility provides the retailer an environment that fits a business’ need to operate in real-time.

Inventory Management

Monitoring stock levels is a critical component of a successful business and VRP’s solution has you covered. The “Inventory Matrix” module is easy to use and allows retailers to monitor and change inventory levels without needing to access different modules. Visual Retail Plus’ one module allows an owner to determine security rights per employee by assigning usernames and passwords providing users the ability but not limiting to:

  • Create purchase orders
  • Receive merchandise
  • Distribute to stores
  • Create shipping manifests
  • Change prices
  • Print barcode tags and labels

  • Create multiple UPCs per item
  • Change and maintain size scales, weights and shipping charges
  • Categorize inventory
  • Create “open to buy” budget figures

Point of Sale

Whatever your business vertical is, the success of your company is dependent on having a reliable POS system that manages inventory and provides the necessary day-to-day features you need. The sale of a product, returns, exchanges, special orders, layaways, gift certificates, store credits — Visual Retail Plus provides this and so much more.

Purchase Orders

The merchandise you have in your store requires a detailed purchase order management system that can create PO’s based on minimum and maximum levels, create backorder reports, print barcodes, manage invoice tracking, and more! Streamline your purchase order process with POS software you can trust.

Data and Reporting

Without having a clear understanding of what is working or what isn’t, what products are selling and which aren’t, there is minimal opportunity for growth. VRP makes it easy to generate profit and loss reports, inventory changes, month to month and YTD sales performance, loss prevention, sales by customer, profit margins, and so much more. Get the data you need to make informed decisions.


If you want your customers to trust your business and to come back in the future, you have to offer them a POS system they can have confidence in. Visual Retail Plus has developed software with many security features, including unlimited security levels, override password report, and every button and function is checked for permission on a user level.

Time and Attendance

Manage your employees with the same POS software! VRP integrates with other third parties such as ADP to create reports, manage overtime pay, track logins and logouts, commission reports, and more. When you have a wide range of data at your fingertips, you can fully understand where things can be improved and what aspects are doing well.


If your business has multiple locations, you can easily communicate with all store managers with electronic messaging. While each store will remain independent, any changes can be made and seen “close to real-time,” such as when new items are added to the inventory or new users are added or removed. Clear lines of communication will ensure success across all fronts.


Create relationships with your customers by getting insight into their buying habits, reconnect with customers who haven’t purchased in a while, send birthday emails, create mailing lists, and so much more. Show your customers that they are valuable and they will see that your business is worth investing in.

In addition, VRP offers:

Integrations to various e-commerce platforms

Fast and easy multi-location and multi-register set ups

Multi-platform reports on iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC

Scheduled reporting sent by email or text to selected addressees

Barcode printing



Loss Prevention

Physical Inventory

Time and Attendance

Multi-language Support


PCI Compliant payment processing solutions

Our system is backed by a strong reporting module that provides multiple views and analysis; creating better data and helping businesses make accurate decisions when it comes to recommendations for markups, markdowns, inter-store transfers, and new purchase orders.

Get in touch with Visual Retail Plus to learn more about an all-in-one retail POS system that provides the features and functions you want with the support and customer service you need.