Get to Know Our POS & Inventory Management Software

Catalog of Products

Gift shops have a wide range of inventory coming from a high number of vendors, making it essential that products stay organized. Visual Retail Plus offers a POS software that provides a catalog of products and UPC codes so you can easily see what’s on hand and what needs to be ordered.

Price Variables

Give your customers the best shopping experience and the opportunity to save some money with product prices dependent on the shopper, whether it’s child prices, adults, seniors, or students.

Barcode Printing

Quickly and efficiently print barcoded tickets so that the checkout process is smooth, on-shelf inventory can be managed easily, and more.

Discount Programs

Business owners need to understand how discounts affect their sales. Our POS system tracks discount programs on top of the VIP loyalty points so that it’s clear what items were given a discount and if the item was on sale before the discount. Visual Retail Plus wants business owners to be able to make informed decisions, so we offer a variety of features and functions in our software.

Mix and Match Items

Customers love feeling like they are getting a good deal, and business owners love being able to offer discounts while also increasing sales. Our software allows you to mix and match items or group items together in bundles to promote sales. Bundles will be tracked as a part of the inventory, as well as each item individually.

Custom Orders

Our POS software records and keeps track of past customer orders, deposits on special orders, and they also receive a notification when a custom order has arrived. This feature is perfect for gift shops who offer engraving or create custom products such as frames.

Gift Registry

Gift registries can sometimes create a headache for everyone involved. With VRP, our gift registry feature can easily be managed by the customer and the store. Create a registry for a person or an event and the software will track what has been purchased and what items are still available.

Favorite Items

Employees can create a list of favorite items for a customer who frequently purchases a specific product. Create a smooth and efficient shopping and check-out process for everyone.

Coupons Types

For special events, holidays, or a promotion, quickly create coupons that are a certain percentage off, a dollar amount, and more. Stores can also utilize our auto-discount system, perfect for weekend sales events that run for a specific amount of time.

Store-to-Store Transfers

When one store location is out of an item, it’s easy to quickly search through the inventory to find a nearby location that does carry that item. The customer can choose between placing the item on hold and going to that store to purchase the item, or it can be delivered to a location that is convenient for them. Save time, and give your customers the service they want.

Seasonal Planning

Ensure that your store is as efficient as possible with seasonal planning. Our point of sale system will give recommendations for new orders and also track existing inventory and offer recommendations for sales vs. storage.

Three-Dimensional Matrix

Keep your inventory organized by creating groups, subgroups, and tertiary groups. Then, add products to a specific group based on the type of product, color, size, material, and many other attributes.

Product Images

When products are delivered to your store, a feature of our software allows you to attach a picture of the item at the POS. When an employee is searching for a product, but unsure what it is, this feature makes it faster and easier.

Product Search

Employees can also search the POS for a product by vendor, color, size, style, type of product, and more. When a customer wants to purchase a product without a tag on it, this feature makes checking out a breeze.

Layaway or Hold Options

For larger purchases, or when a customer wants to come back and purchase an item later, our software allows you to add items or orders to either a layaway or hold category. The retailer can set an expiration date, manage payments, or switch the item from layaway to hold.

Time and Attendance

An essential part of a successful business is its employees. Easily track and manage their working hours, overtime pay, commission, and more. The software can easily be integrated with third parties such as ADP so that reports can be generated for efficient time and attendance tracking.


Possibly the most important part of a successful business is its customers! Create and maintain relationships by setting up email lists and sending emails, track customer information, previous purchases, coupons based on shopping history, loyalty points/cards, and more.

POS Software Solutions For Gift Shops

There is not another point of sale management system on the market that is better suited to museums, gift and hobby shops than the VRP suite of software. The truly magical aspect of our newly updated toolbox of incredible solutions is the fact that you can actually expand it to grow with your business. When trying to keep up with a whole store of inventory it can be a daunting task. The same goes for the ordering, customer experience and outreach. With the VRP POS system you will have everything at your fingertips and can focus your efforts on what you do best.