Replace Your POS System With VRP

According to a recent study conducted by Software Advice, an online consultancy for retail technology, 42 percent of retailers are currently in the market for a new point of sale system.

Retailers reported the need for new software with more robust functionality, and 49 percent of buyers asked for customer-driven functionality such as customer relationship management (CRM) and loyalty programs. Businesses are increasingly requiring flexible, customizable, in-depth reporting tools as a part of their POS systems.

“What we found,” said Software Advice in its 2014 BuyerView report, “is that retailers are changing how they use their POS systems: What used to be a simple tool for handling transactions has evolved into a critical component of everyday operations. POS systems with advanced functionality can help retailers collect meaningful data, drive customer relationships, boost employee productivity and increase sales.”

Not only should a POS system be user-friendly and intuitive for purposes of customer service and employee productivity, but it should also provide more advanced tools such as ecommerce integration, customer loyalty programs, inventory tracking and comprehensive data analytics.

The increasing demand for sophisticated point of sale retail software is part of what industry experts call the “consumerization of retail” trend, which expresses companies’ need to respond directly to their customer base and manage interactions so that their customers’ expectations are continually foreseen and met. For instance, an employee might be able to view a loyalty customer’s purchase history to provide personalized, in-store service and direct them to related items that might meet their specific needs.

Finally, retailers are searching for point of sale systems that have better support options, should any problems or questions arise in the store.

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