Is your information as secure as you think it is?

According to, over 300,000 student applicants’ and non-applicants’ personal information was breached in a data hack at Auburn University. This personal information includes full names, home addresses, email address, birth dates, social security numbers and academic information.

The information was revealed on the university website.

Admitted students and non-applicants who took the ACT or SAT before 2007 were revealed to be at risk of their social security number being exposed. Although social security numbers were available for sale along with other personal information prior to 2007, it is no longer allowed.

Many ACT and SAT test takers did not realize that these administrators could sell their information to other colleges and universities without their knowledge.

Information for sale includes name, email address, date of birth, high school, graduation year and choice of future occupation.

The university said no credit card or bank and financial information was involved in the data leak and there has been no evidence that the information has been misused so far.The breach was available on the university website between September 1, 2014 and March 2, 2015, when officials finally learned of the leak.

Auburn is offering a two free years of credit monitoring to those affected as well as identity restoration and protection tips online and over the phone.

If you received a letter in the mail about the leak, call the telephone number and ask for any and all information you can be given. If you believe your data is at risk, look closely at your latest bills, credit card purchases and other information.

A data breach can occur anywhere with the right tools and lack of security. Ensure your student, customer or patient information is secure with the right, reliable point of sale systems. Visit our website for more information.