Park ‘N Fly recently confirmed that the company experienced a data breach.

Park ‘N Fly, an airport parking service, recently confirmed that it suffered a data breach resulting in the loss of customer payment card data.

Customers use Park ‘N Fly’s website to book and pay for parking spots ahead of time, and cyber-criminals were apparently able to hack into the site.

“While the investigation is ongoing, it has been determined that the security of some data from certain payment cards that were used to make reservations through PNF’s e-commerce website is at risk,” announced the company on its website earlier this week. “The data potentially at risk includes the card number, cardholder’s name and billing address, card expiration date, and CVV code. Other loyalty customer data potentially at risk includes email addresses, Park ‘N Fly passwords, and telephone numbers.”

Security expert Brian Krebs reported that payment card information that has been stolen from an online source cannot be encoded onto new pieces of plastic to be used in brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, this information would be used exclusively to make fraudulent web-based purchases. Park ‘N Fly customers should also be on the lookout for phishing attacks. These occur when criminals make phone calls or emails posing as legitimate institutions in order to solicit personal information like Social Security numbers.

Park ‘N Fly is offering its affected customers one free year of credit monitoring services in response to the breach.

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