Is your information safe?

According to Fierce Government IT, Dell has released their annual cyber security threat report results for 2014, indicating that cyber attacks against infrastructure systems had doubled.

Data was pulled from both the Global Response Intelligence Defense Network and Dell’s SonicWALL, the company’s security business.

The report concluded that:

  • Cyber attacks against companies that use supervisory control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) have doubled.
  • These attacks tend to have political motivations with targets such as power plants and refineries.
  • The majority of attacks occurred in Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States, since these systems are more commonly implemented and tracked here.
  • The retail industry saw a large increase in point of sale and malware attacks.

Malware attacks are becoming as sophisticated as the software companies are using to secure themselves against them. New trends, such as memory scraping and encryption are becoming more common as well as exploiting seemingly “secure” databases.

HTTPS traffic, also known as the secure network many people use, has seen an increase of use by over 100 percent. Users should be aware of backdoor malware and other hacks that seem to be normal, but in reality are stealing personal information.

Implement the following three tips into your point of sale and cyber security routines for an even more secure, reliable defense.

  • Regularly check for physical tampering of your POS by both employees and customers or hackers.
  • Use two-password authentication processes to keep out hackers.
  • Use a data loss prevention or secure web gateway to track access to your system as well as to identify any suspicious behavior.

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