Owning a business is something that so many people want to do and being an entrepreneur has never been so easy! The past few years have been a time where a lot of light is shed on small businesses, meaning that they have finally been given a chance to succeed. Visual Retail Plus is a team made up of individuals who were once small business owners, so there’s nothing that we love more than to hear that small businesses across the world are finally being recognized for their talent and one-of-a-kind products.

While we’d love to say that a shift in mentality is what made this all possible, we know that there are various things that have made it easier for small businesses to succeed. If you’re interested in learning more about what has changed for the better, keep reading. We are going to touch on just a few of the changes that small business owners are taking advantage of.

Social Media

Everyone is glued to their phones. In fact, most of us have a good portion of our life on our phone. We’re able to play games and download apps for added convenience. We store hundreds of pictures and our favorite songs. We are also able to get in contact with anyone, anywhere. Being a small business owner, this is incredible.

Window shopping was once the best way to draw in new customers, but social media has taken it to the next level. Whether you want to find new customers, display products that you’ve added to the floor, or promote a sale, social media makes it easy to share content with the people that are most likely to react to it. By easily building a following on social media platforms, you’re able to increase sales without ever having your customers make it to your physical location.

Aside from that, social media is now one of the primary forms of advertising, and small businesses can use it to their advantage. Print advertisements charged extra for color or for certain parts of the newspaper or magazine. Social media, however, does not. When it comes to advertising on Facebook or Instagram, small businesses actually stand a chance at advertising their services and products to their desired audience without spending an arm and a leg. That’s just not something that older businesses were able to do.


We’ve just touched briefly on how social media has made an enormous difference in the success of small business. This is only one of the ways that small businesses are able to reach customers outside of their store hours, but the more common method for them to reach shoppers is through their website.

In this day in age, it’s not uncommon for small businesses to have a website. Many platforms and organizations have made it easy to design a unique webpage that caters to your needs and those of your customers. Aside from that, this is one of the best ways to increase sales without extending hours or employing additional staff.

Again, this just isn’t something that old businesses were able to take advantage of. For them, the majority of their sales had to take place when the store was open, and if they didn’t close a sale then, there was no way for their customers to make the purchase without them revisiting the store.

Online shopping makes it easy for customers to make purchases when it’s convenient for them. With shipping directly to their front doorstep, it’s hard to beat the experience that a well-done website has to offer.

Inventory Management & Tracking

Regardless of what it is that your store sells, inventory management and tracking is a must. This is the information that tells you where and when you need to be spending your money. Though there has been some drastic improvement in this area for small businesses, it is still something that many of them struggle with.


How much of every product should I order?

What is going to be a hit when displayed on the floor?

What happens if my orders go to waste?

Which sizes do I need to have more of?


There are countless questions that go through the head of a business owner when it comes to their inventory, and without some sort of system, it can take large quantities of time to finally place an order. While the old “guess and check” system surely hasn’t done all business owners wrong, it’s definitely not the suggested approach.

The good news is, there are now highly developed software designed specifically for this task. Whether it’s keeping track of an order you’ve made, tracking your sales on particular products, informing you of which size is the most popular in your store, or some other statistic along those lines, there is a software that can help.

This kind of tool is precisely what you need to ensure that you’re not wasting time, or money, when it comes to the inventory that you’re stocking your store with.

Contact Visual Retail Plus

We’ve just finished talking about software that has been able to enhance the experience and success of small business owners, and we know the value of this point because it’s one that we’ve experienced for ourselves. The team at Visual Retail Plus is built up of individuals who were once small business owners themselves. After working through the struggles and challenges of software, we realized that the only way we were going to find a software that catered to our needs was by creating one ourselves.

If you’re already making using of social media and you’ve built yourself a website, it’s time to see what software developed with you in mind can do to your business. Contact our team today to schedule a demo of our software and see how you specifically can utilize it in your business. You’d be amazed at the capabilities and efficiency that qualified software can add to your business.

Honestly, if you’re interested in succeeding, contact our team today. We’d love to be a part of your success story.