Establishing effective inventory management is one of the great challenges to running a business, be it retail or ecom. The key to managing inventory is completely dependent on staying ahead of your customers and their needs. Sounds easy right? The truth is, the wants and needs of your customers will change over time and being armed with an agile inventory management system is the best way to stay ahead of the curve. The Visual Retail Plus suite of tools is specifically designed to handle not only your inventory, but multiple facets of your business. If you are ready to take your inventory management to the next level please contact us today to schedule a free demo.   

  • Managed in Store, Matrix by Size, Color, Width, Inseam, Length
  • Price Management by product, color, size (SKU)
  • Barcode Tags Designer, support different designs based on the item type
  • User Defined Fields and attributes
  • Define Items as Inventory or Service
  • Display Item Images, Image Per Product: style or color
  • Allow multiple Assortment per item managed by UPC, EAN, ISNB, ASIN, FNSKU and
    seller’s (internal) SKU
  • Min Max Levels with PO recommendations based on history
  • Handheld Device Support (Smart Phones, Tablets, Specialty Hand Held devices with a
    pistol) for Physical Inventory, Price Changes, Receiving, Transfers, Return to vendor and gift
  • Shelf Tag Printing
  • Inventory Kits, Selling Kits and Manufacturing Kits
  • Copy Items (template) To Create a New Item
  • Physical Inventory by location, zone, and shelves
  • Combine Items and Their History, change size scales and colors
  • Manage Inventory by vendors, brands, categories (division, department, class, sub class,
  • Combine Vendors, Categories, Styles, and Colors
  • Manage BOGO(s)
  • Weighted Average Cost and Inventory real cost
  • Inter-Store Transfer Using A hand held, file import and on screen data entry, approve
    manifests by the receiving store
  • Remote Store Inventory Lookup
  • Convert Invalid Sales To Valid After The Items Have Been Defined
  • Duplicate Inventory For Creation Of A New Store