• Managed in Store, Matrix by Size, Color, Width, Inseam, Length
  • Price Management by product, color, size (SKU)
  • Barcode Tags Designer, support different designs based on the item type
  • User Defined Fields and attributes
  • Define Items as Inventory or Service
  • Display Item Images, Image Per Product: style or color
  • Allow multiple Assortment per item managed by UPC, EAN, ISNB, ASIN, FNSKU and
    seller’s (internal) SKU
  • Min Max Levels with PO recommendations based on history
  • Handheld Device Support (Smart Phones, Tablets, Specialty Hand Held devices with a
    pistol) for Physical Inventory, Price Changes, Receiving, Transfers, Return to vendor and gift
  • Shelf Tag Printing
  • Inventory Kits, Selling Kits and Manufacturing Kits
  • Copy Items (template) To Create a New Item
  • Physical Inventory by location, zone, and shelves
  • Combine Items and Their History, change size scales and colors
  • Manage Inventory by vendors, brands, categories (division, department, class, sub class,
  • Combine Vendors, Categories, Styles, and Colors
  • Manage BOGO(s)
  • Weighted Average Cost and Inventory real cost
  • Inter-Store Transfer Using A hand held, file import and on screen data entry, approve
    manifests by the receiving store
  • Remote Store Inventory Lookup
  • Convert Invalid Sales To Valid After The Items Have Been Defined
  • Duplicate Inventory For Creation Of A New Store