Get to Know Our Point of Sale System

Three-Dimension Matrix

Keep all of your products organized by creating groups, sub groups, and tertiary groups. Add various attributes to each item and sort them into a specific group, including size, color, type, material, price, and other jewelry-related classifications.

Serialization for Watches

Watches are a luxurious purchase, and to protect your business and the customer, our POS software makes it easy to track and manage serial numbers for each product. When your store receives a shipment of watches, input the serial numbers, track sales of specific items, and more.

Import From Vendors

Designer brands release yearly lines, making it essential that you can import products easily when they arrive. Inventory management is easy and effective with Visual Retail Plus.

Integrated Scales

If your jewelry store sells gold or other metals by weight, it can be challenging having a separate scale and needing to input the price into the POS system. With visual retail plus, our software has an integrated scale that will weigh the item and pull up a price based on the market cost of the metal at that time.

Repairs and Shipping

Nearly all jewelry stores offer their customers repair services, resizing, and the option to have items shipped directly to them. Easily manage this process with non-inventory features. Additional shipping costs can be calculated on the POS for quick and efficient customer service.

Anonymous Sales

Does a customer want their purchase to remain private? A special feature of our POS software enables customer information to remain between the retailer and the buyer.

Product Images

Another way to manage your inventory is to add a picture of the product when it’s being entered into the system. This can speed up the process when trying to find an item in the store, or when you’re helping a customer find an item based on a certain attribute.

Price Changes

To ensure the highest profit, and because the prices of gold and other precious metals and stones vary, our jewelry store POS software makes it easy to change prices on a daily basis.

Layaway and Hold Options

Jewelry purchases can be a significant cost, making it necessary for customers to put items on layaway in order to pay off the balance over time. Or, if they are shopping and want to place an item on hold before a certain event, our POS system makes it easy. Quickly switch the status of an item from layaway to hold, and set expiration dates on items.

Coupon Options

Give your customers a deal on outdated items, products that aren’t selling, or simply for special occasions or holidays. Easily create coupons for returning customers based on shopping history, create coupons with a certain percentage off, or a dollar amount off. The software also allows retailers to use auto-discount system and promotions.


There are dozens of reasons why a CRM is essential for jewelry stores. From sending emails to promote sales, keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries, life events, coupons, loyalty cards/points, and more — show your customers they are appreciated and valued and easily manage their information and shopping with an intuitive CRM software.

Time and Attendance

Give your employees an easy-to-use time tracking software as well. Quickly look at hours worked, overtime pay, commission pay, generate reports, and more. The software can be integrated with third parties, like ADP, to create a streamlined process.

Effective and Efficient POS Software For Jewelry Stores

Jewelry retailers tend to have a much more broad variety of clients than your typical retail outlet. The demographics are not necessarily as narrow as those of a different vertical. Like any form of retail, whether it be a brick and mortar location or an ecom storefront, staying on the pulse of your clientele is critical to success. At Visual Retail Plus we offer the most effective Point of Sale System for managing a jewelry business. Our POS is designed to seamlessly integrate into your present business model and give you the tools to succeed. Take your jewelry business to the next level with a free demo and consultation, contact us today for more information.