Get to Know Our POS Software for Lingerie Stores

Three-Dimensional Matrix

Keep your merchandise organized by adding items to a specific group, subgroup, or tertiary group. Add attributes to each item such as size, color, width, length, material, and shape. The easier it is to organize your inventory, the easier it will be to create a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Coupon Options

Coupons are a great way to show appreciation for your customers and to give them a reason for them to come back to your store! Offer coupons based on shopping history, receipt totals, groups, and more. Easily create coupons for a certain percentage off, a dollar amount off, for special occasions or holidays, and more. Customers and employees will appreciate how easy they are to use.

Seasonal Planning

Lingerie stores have busy seasons just like any other retail store. Valentine’s Day, the holiday season, and summers are popular, so plan ahead with recommendations based off of previous sales history, what merchandise you have in storage, and what you already have on the shelf. With seasonal planning, you can be confident that you’ll never run out of your most popular items.

Group Products to Promote Sales

Creating product kits is a great way to offer a discount on several items, while also increasing sales. Put together kits that include items like tops and bottoms or a nightgown with a garter. Our point of sale software will ensure that each item is being tracked individually so that there are never errors in your inventory.

Special Orders

If your store offers a catalog, but there isn’t a certain item in the store, special orders can be arranged easily and efficiently. Track a deposit that the customer made, place an order, and then send a message to the customer when it has arrived.

Product Search

Never waste time trying to find a similar item that can be rung up instead of one without a tag. Use the POS system to easily find each item when you search based on vendor, color, size, or style when an item doesn’t have a tag. This speeds up the checkout process and makes shopping easier for customers.

Product Images

When inputting products into the system, easily take an image of the item and store it for future needs. If you do need to search for an item, the image will make it easy to recognize right away.

Hold and Layaway Options

When customers aren’t sure about a product, or want to pay off a balance over time, Visual Retail Plus offers hold and layaway options to make life easier for the customer. Enter the item into the system, set an expiration date, and the item can quickly be changed from layaway to hold when needed.

Store-to-Store Transfers

If your store doesn’t have a certain size, or the right color of a product a customer wants, quickly look up to see what locations in the area do carry that product. The customer will have the option to either go to that location, or have it sent to a store that is convenient for them.


Your customers are why your store is successful! Show them that they are valued with personalized emails, track their purchases and shopping history to generate coupons, and manage their loyalty points/cards. Having valuable information at your fingertips is a great way of showing that you care.

Time and Attendance

Manage your employee’s work hours, breaks, overtime pay, commission pay, and more with efficient time and attendance software found within the POS system. The software can be easily integrated with third parties like ADP to create reports and more.

Point of Sale Solutions of Lingerie Stores

A lingerie store is unique in the retail clothing community. The clientele are generally the same, but their needs are much more specialized. Catering to your customer’s needs while maintaining a very high level of accountability is much easier with the Visual Retail Plus suite of software. We offer an intuitive Point of Sale system that includes all of the tools you need to effectively manage your lingerie business. Managing a retail business, whether it be a brick and mortar location or an online storefront, is about providing the best customer service available and the goods your clients want. Contact Visual Retail Plus today for a free demo and more information about our solutions for business.