Get your store ready for Christmas by keeping up with the latest tips and trends.

This holiday season is looking extra merry and bright for retailers anticipating impressive fourth quarter sales numbers. Here are the latest predictions for this winter’s retail trends and tips:

  • Toys: RetailWeek is predicting that this year’s top toy seller will be Xeno, an interactive monster. Xeno is a very vocal toy that cries when he needs kids to wipe his nose or otherwise tend to his needs. He also comes with an app so kids get added interaction.
  • Video games: Tablet sales aren’t expected to do as well this holiday season as in recent years. However, companies are slashing prices for gaming consoles like the Xbox One and PS4, which should help the electrical sector to perform well.
  • Fashion: Verdict Retail is predicting that clothing and footwear sales will increase by 3.5 percent this year.
  • Procrastinators: Businesses are increasingly making concessions for last-minute holiday shoppers, staying open more days and for longer hours. The Monday before Christmas is expected to be the largest shopping day, and Christmas Eve will produce the biggest perfume sales numbers of the entire year.
  • Convenience: Retailers are adjusting all sorts of things in order to entice consumers this year. Many are offering last-minute free shipping and online deals.
  • Mobile shopping: If you haven’t already, make sure your company’s mobile site is up and running. More shoppers than ever are going to be browsing and making purchases on their cell phones. A mobile-friendly app or site is a simple way to ensure higher sales numbers this year.

Before the holiday season officially arrives, be sure to examine your point of sale computer systems. Are they sufficient to handle the holiday traffic? Are customers able to checkout quickly and easily? Inventory management, omni-channel data collecting and an intuitive interface are all things your company should have in a pos system.