As shopping continues to change, your POS should too.

How can mobile capabilities enhance the experience of customers within a business? Using a mobile point of sale system in a store has a range of benefits for both the business and the customer.

Keep the following three benefits in mind when deciding to implement a mobile POS system in your store:

  • Better customer understanding: Mobile POS allows customers to do more than just pay for their items. This capability opens the opportunity to access and build customer profiles, better customer interactions and keep track of purchasing history while on the floor.
  • Immersive customer experience: Using mobile technology displays a shift toward a more technologically advanced system. Customers want the latest trends through the best means.
  • Faster checkout times: If a customer can be helped anywhere in the store, other than at a cash register, he or she is more likely to think the experience was enjoyable and faster than usual. The last thing a customer wants to do is wait forever to buy a product, especially in today’s day and age when instant gratification is expected.

Visual Retail Plus’ Mobile POS for Android allows employees to remain on the floor while scanning sales items, viewing prices and checking inventory levels. Employees have the ability to view how many products are left in the store, a description and color or size, as set up by each individual retailer.

As seen in one of the bullets above, VRP also significantly shortens the amount of time customers have to spend waiting in line, by checking out their purchases wherever they are in the store. Shorter lines almost always equal happier customers, and happier customers are more likely to return to the store again.

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