When it comes to selling cosmetics, competition is fierce and profits need to be maximized in any way possible. If you are in the business of selling cosmetics, then you know all too well how tricky it can be to improve your sales and keep your business running smoothly. At Visual Retail Plus, we have designed our point of sale (POS) system for retail businesses to help improve the flow of sales the management of inventory.

If you are thinking of giving our POS system a try, check out these top five reasons why our system is the best around for shops selling cosmetics.

#1: Easy Kit Creation & Tracking

When it comes to selling cosmetics, one of the best tools you can utilize to improve sales and help customers experience new products is the creation of kits. Kits will allow you to pair together relevant items and improve sales on products that are harder to move. With our POS system, you can easily assemble kits and combine inventories into a single package. When you sell a kit, it is deducted from inventory by two means — as a SKU and also as a deducted item from the inventory.

Kit sales are a great way to get creative and entice your customers to check out products they might not have considered. For example, if you have an eyeshadow that is struggling to move off the shelves, you can pair it with a popular mascara that people love. This will allow your customers to feel like they are getting an increased value while helping you reduce the number of products that are eating up valuable shelf space. With our POS system, managing your inventory when selling kits is simplified and our system will ensure you still keep accurate inventory data.

#2: Matching Product Recommendations

When your customers are already in the buying mode, it is easier to upsell them on additional products. Our POS system will recommend matching products to increase sales at the POS. When you pair this valuable tool with training for your staff on how to properly upsell products, you can start to improve the number of cosmetics being purchased at any given time.

Not only does this feature benefit you, it also helps your customers find other products they might not have known about prior. This will keep them loyal to your business as they will remember where they get the best recommendations that match their personal preferences.

#3: Integrated CRM For Improved Sales

Every single time you make a sale, you have the chance to acquire important data from your customers. This data can then be stored in our CRM (Customer Relationship Manager). Here you can keep track of customer information, including previous purchases. You can utilize this data to better tailor email blasts and to market to your existing client base on a more personalized level. You can also store information here about loyalty points acquired and used.

When you have an integrated CRM in your POS system, it makes reaching your existing client base simpler and more effective.

#4: Multiple Location Capabilities

Do you have more than one shop? The good news is that with our POS system, you can manage your inventory seamlessly across multiple locations. You can then utilize this data to transfer items between stores or to hold items at another store for a customer who is hunting for a specific product. Our POS will find the location of the item you need immediately, which means you can meet your customer’s needs on the spot.

#5: Built-In Seasonal Planning

When it comes to cosmetic sales, seasonality will play a large role in your ordering needs. However, it can be tricky to know exactly when to prepare for seasons as they approach. The good news is that with our POS and inventory management system, you get built-in seasonal planning with customized recommendations for new orders. This will help you manage the ebbs and flows of your inventory needs without the stress of handling it all on your own.

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If you are in the cosmetics business, we invite you to give our point of sale system for retail businesses a try. With our incredible array of features, Visual Retail Plus is the perfect system for your needs. Not only can you try a demo for free, but you can also feel free to reach out anytime to our team with further questions. We look forward to helping you customize your point of sale management.