Pricing glitches can be costly for a business.

With more merchants rolling out point of sale software and integrated systems, it is not that much of a stretch to think a mom and pop store could pay for an upgrade and suddenly find itself overwhelmed. Technology can be scary and when something goes wrong with a process you rely on but don’t fully understand, the fallout can be widespread.

A recent article from the payment blog Wise Pricer spoke about pricing issues that have arisen and described how organizations have dealt with it. These problems have been seen in many markets. A software glitch for Delta last month caused the cost of flight tickets to drop dramatically, allowing some travelers to book cross-country flights for as low as $40 and some one-way tickets for $12.83. The airline is honoring all tickets purchased during that time.

It can be seen the other way as well. Toys R Us has been ordered to pay more than $178,700 due to overcharges, when an investigation showed that the retail store was overcharging consumers on roughly 5 percent of all purchases.

Many of these problems have been experienced on the eCommerce side of businesses.

“When you pay close attention to the prices on your eCommerce website, you can reduce the chance of making major pricing mistakes that lead to financial issues and public relations problems,” the article reads. “Monitoring your prices is essential for retailers to mitigate this type of risk and quickly detect anything that falls through the cracks.”

By having a POS with fully integrated e-commerce solution, retailers can keep a better eye on pricing and sales reporting numbers to make sure nothing goes wrong. They will also have a reliable support team in place to answer any issue quickly. Contact Visual Retail Plus for the best POS System for retail.