When it comes to running a retail business, one of the most important components of your day-to-day operations is the point of sale (POS) system you utilize. This platform will ensure that your customers can quickly purchase what they want and that your business has an accurate record of every transaction that takes place. A quality POS system for retail should also incorporate inventory management, which will ensure you are prepared for what your clients need ahead.

While running a retail business involves a variety of tasks, understanding how to best utilize your POS system is a vital component of your success. Ensure you are avoiding these common POS system pitfalls and talk to us today about how our point of sale systems for retail can help you operate your business smoothly.

#1: Losing Internet = Losing Sales

If you have a POS system that relies heavily upon an internet connection, you could wind up in crisis mode if your local internet ever fails you. This is particularly true during peak seasons when you rely upon your sales system heavily. If your current POS system is 100 percent based in the cloud, you could be at risk for major issues during internet outages. When your local internet provider has a hiccup, your system will be incapable of processing sales or updating your inventory. This can leave your staff in a tricky situation. With very few people paying cash for products, it is vital that your retail POS system is functional. If you have ever faced this issue, then you know how detrimental it can be to your company’s profits.

The good news is that there are ways to prevent this failure from occurring. While cloud-based technology has an array of benefits, there are other useful methods for ensuring the smooth operation of your POS system with or without internet connectivity. For example, with Visual Retail Plus, you can operate via your local server while still allowing for multi-store connectivity if needed. By storing your data on a local server, you can smoothly operate even during an internet outage. This will ensure that you never lose profits due to something entirely out of your control. For small businesses, the difference between landing or losing a few sales can have a major impact upon the bottom line. Utilize a local server-based platform to protect yourself from this pitfall.

#2: Complexity That Leaves Team Members Behind

When it comes to operating your business smoothly, you need every team member to be on the same page, smoothly utilizing the POS system you have in place. If you choose a retail POS system that is too complex, you can wind up with staff members who are incapable of doing more than a few basic things with the software. This can cause the bulk of inventory management to fall into your lap, which is not always the most efficient way to operate your business. Empowered employees who can solve problems on their own will save you precious time you need to run your business.

Opt for a platform that is intuitive, easy to learn, and customizable to your company’s needs. Choose a POS system that allows you to create different users, each with their own login and ability to manage important tasks, such as creating purchase orders, changing prices, and categorizing inventory. Picking a POS system that is backed by quality, U.S.-based customer support will go a long way in ensuring your employees can handle the day-to-day use of your POS platform.

#3: A Lack Of Customer Support That Leaves You Waiting

It is vitally important that the POS system you choose comes backed with quality customer support. Even the best platform will wind up throwing obstacles your way and when you cannot figure out how to solve a problem, you need a team on your side who will work to resolve any issues in a timely manner. Operating a retail business means you rely heavily upon the smooth function of your POS platform. Make sure that you aren’t left waiting for help and answers by the company who backs your system.

Opt for a company like Visual Retail Plus. We have live tech support seven days a week, 365 days a year. We believe that you should receive the support you need, the moment you need it. As business owners, we understand how vital it is for you to find the answers you need in a timely fashion. Waiting around for help can mean losing sales, which can damage your company’s profits.

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