Customer engagement is an important part of selling inventory.

How should retail stores continue to keep up with customer demands and expectations? For some, simply marketing their products through different forms of engagement may be just the change they need.

According to a recent Gartner poll, 50 percent of commerce will be conducted using mobile means by 2017. Retail brands must be able to reach their audience through a variety of means including smartphones, online mediums and in-store experience. But how much is too much?

Data from OtherLevels’ 2015 Retail Mobile Messaging study found that this type of messaging must be watched closely, as “how often” is a key metric that can make or break a customer outreach campaign of any kind.

During this study, a supermarket’s marketing campaign was tracked, measuring the frequency of messages sent and received on a range of information by customers. Researchers sought to determine how frequently messages could be sent without becoming overbearing or on the flip side, not enough.

The more messages the user received from the smartphone application, the more often they engaged with the application, and in turn, the more purchases they made. The study found that users who received more heavy messaging, such as three messages over a weekend, were more likely to interact with product purchases, as opposed to those who received fewer messages, such as only one during a weekend.

With the holiday shopping season just around the corner, how should retailers use this information? Marketing and staffing teams should determine the best manner in which to engage with customers and stick with it.

In addition to customer communication, the privacy of their personal information is also important. Be sure your point of sale system is capable of protecting information, as well as performing other functions such as product information tracking and inventory reporting.

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