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Consumers are pinged, emailed and notified by a range of different apps during the day. That can make it difficult for retailers to cut through the noise. What if they were able to reach their customers on these channels? Email campaigns have long been part of the retailer’s arsenal – and they can now use social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. However, research is split on the return on investment.

Custora, an e-commerce vendor, found that less than 2 percent of online sales come from social media platforms. And yet, there is potential for that number to grow. Consumers use these platforms most through mobile devices – and as many as half of Americans turn to Facebook to inform their purchasing decisions.

Social media sites have used influencers to help reach their target audiences. These fashion bloggers raise the awareness of the brand to their audience. EMarketer found that one third of businesses found influencers very effective at generating sales leads. While promising, there is room for improvement. Some companies, like Lulu’s, have worked with influencers and taken advantage of top-rated hashtags. The hashtag #OOTD – an abbreviation of Outfit of the Day – is a great way to reach customers.

It’s becoming more important for businesses to interact with consumers on these platforms – either through fashion influencers or under their own brand. Their point of sale systems can help. Here’s how your POS can help with your online and social media presence and generate new business:

Feature fashions on social media that line up with your mass emails

You can feature pins or Instagram-worthy photos – and make the most of the captions to alert prospective shoppers to the current campaign you’re running. Some POS systems offer the ability to integrate with other shopping platforms, making it easier to track the success of these social media campaigns. If you’re running a promotion on social media, you can update that information in your POS to offer a seamless user online experience.

Boost online sales with secret gift card sales

Who says gift cards are just for the holidays? No matter the time of year, you can reward customers for their business by offering gift cards after spending a certain amount. Victoria’s Secret has successfully done this, by offering mystery gift amounts for online and in-person sales. By holding this annual mystery gift card giveaway, it has boosted their brand’s profile and differentiated them from their competitors. You can do something similar – and your POS can make it a quick, painless transaction, both for you and your customer.

Social media is a tool that, when used well, can help boost your brand’s image and draw in new customers. Visual Retail Plus is a POS system that can help. Download the e-guide below to learn more.