No matter how robust your retail POS is, if you aren’t driving traffic through the door or to your website, it isn’t going to keep you rolling in the dough.


Trust us, we get it. Marketing is really tough. Why can’t everyone just realize how great we are without having to tell them over, and over, and over? It can be exhausting.


With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of our favorite retail marketing ideas to help get your creative juices going. We hope you enjoy them. And, don’t forget that your POS system should be integrated with your CRM and inventory system to make sure your marketing campaigns go smoothly. If yours isn’t, give Visual Retail Plus a call today and schedule a demo. We’re here to help.


Recent Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing is becoming more and more important to retailers. It drives in-store traffic more than you might think. According to Google as many as 50 percent of consumers visit a local store within one day of searching for it on a smartphone. And three out of four consumers who find helpful information from a retailer in search results are likely to visit that store.


Last year, outdoor retailer REI, ran a brilliant holiday campaign. When they announced they would be closed on Black Friday, they launched a campaign to encourage people to get outside instead of spending the day shopping. Their #OptOutside campaign was launched across all of their social media channels. And, because it was so well thought out and coordinated, their campaign got picked up and shared by some pretty big names with great brand loyalty. Not the least of these was the National Park Foundation.


Marc Jacobs combined pop-up brick and mortar with a clever digital twist during fashion week last year. Their pop-up shop didn’t actually sell anything. It just showcased a new fragrance. Visitors who shared their thoughts, photos, videos, about the fragrance or the event with a promotional hashtag were awarded pretty valuable gifts as incentives including Marc Jacobs handbags and jewelry. The campaign reached more than 17,000 just on Instagram and Twitter. When you add in all the other social media channels, we’re guessing the campaign exceeded even their expectations.




Digital Retail Marketing Ideas For You


Google it!

PPC and SEO is where the game is at online. Create locally-focused search engine optimization content, and use it across multiple social media channels. And don’t forget to brand it! Consistent, repetitive, well-branded communication is key to staying top of mind in this competitive market.


Combine your SEO content with special in-store promotions to drive traffic. Then make special, online offers to customers who have come into the store. Sell across channels! Upsell, cross sell, just sell, sell, sell!


Engage with Video Content

You don’t have to break the bank to develop highly-engaging, traffic-driving video content. Here are a couple of ideas that are easy to implement.


Provide incentives for customers to shoot a testimonial video while they are in your store. These kinds of testimonials can be really effective online as paid ads as well as across social media channels.


Have employees shoot short “product of the week” videos. These kinds of videos are engaging and help your employees and customers feel more connected to your business and brand.


Are You Ready?

We hope we’ve inspired you to launch your own fun and unique marketing campaigns. Remember, to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll need an integrated POS, CRM and inventory system to keep things running smoothly. Give us a call. We can help with that.