More criminals are evolving their tactics when it comes to POS theft.

Every merchant needs to be concerned with the security of their cash registers. This doesn’t just mean by making sure no one is able to grab cash from the drawer, but also staying on top of the latest ways that criminals are trying to steal money.

Retailers should be well aware of the ways that the point of sale and inventory systems are being integrated through specific software solutions, This is just one way that POS equipment is being modernized. However, criminals are well aware of how this is happening and have evolved their tactics as well.

A recent article from Ars Technica examines some of the more tech-savvy ways that fraudsters are getting in. One of the more interesting ways is through the use of a botnet, one of the first times it has been used in this manner.

According to IntelCrowler, a Los Angeles-based security intelligence provider, a botnet was unknowingly downloaded onto company POS systems and servers of more than 31 businesses and was able to steal customers’ credit and debit card information. This led to more than 20,000 payment cards being compromised since August.

Similar attacks to this were also reported this year. The malware “Dexter” infected several fast food chains in South Africa while Subway had data stolen from more than 146,000 cards after 200 terminals were infected.

Every merchant that is using POS software needs to make sure it understands what needs to go into keeping it secure. A quality retail solution provider can help with this. Contact Visual Retail Plus for the best POS system in the business.