Holiday shopping seemingly starts earlier every year.

Everyone is aware of the fact that is seems like holiday shopping seems to be getting underway earlier each year. Anyone who stepped into a mall once November hit were welcomed by winter music and a display to get their picture taken with Santa Claus. On top of that, some merchants are taking the step of starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving, running them for two days straight without closing.

While this may seem outrageous, it is important to know that pushing holiday shopping this early is far from a new trend. An article from Slate featured an advertisement that called for customers to start thinking about getting into the stores in October and to purchase gifts for friends and family before the rush. That ad was from 1912. But it can be traced even further back than that.

“Like so many of our retailing habits, early shopping dates back to the late Victorians,” the article reads. “Along with inventing cash registers, mail-order cataloguers, and escalator-filled flagship stores, the Victorians also discovered the value of starting the Yuletide shopping season before Thanksgiving.”

This shows how important it is for merchants to be focused on providing the highest level of customer service at all times. There is no telling if the person who just walked through the front door is there for the first-time shopping for something that is on a loved one’s gift list.

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