Direct email marketing campaigns powered by POS software have many benefits.

When it comes to point of sale software, many organizations look at the ability to improve sales reporting and integrating inventory solutions into a single system as the main benefits. While these certainly top the list, there are many other ways that an upgraded POS solution can improve operations.

A recent article from PromotionWorld examined one such way, integrating email marketing efforts. With every transaction that happens in a business using modern POS equipment, there is an opportunity to capture customer information.

“Rather than email blasting everyone who has ever stepped into your shop, you can use your POS software to do targeted marketing,” the article reads. “As your customers make purchases, the software collects and organizes detailed data about them, including email addresses, what they buy, and how often they make returns. Utilizing that info, you can create targeted emails designed to pitch products that make sense for the recipient.”

There are a couple different ways that organizations can benefit from that. They include:

  • Providing relevant pitches – Knowing what customers have purchased, you can automatically send them coupons for related products and services.
  • Capable with simple software – Bulky hardware and software systems are not needed to effectively analyze and deploy these kinds of solutions.
  • Target overstock items – With integrated software, overstocked inventory will automatically be highlighted and specific coupons can be sent out.
  • Limit printing – Email eliminates the need for paper receipts and coupons which can save money.

By partnering with a retail solution provider like Visual Retail Plus, that specializes in POS software, any organization can easily deploy these kinds of solutions. Contact us today and request a free demo of our software.