Is the personal information of your gym members secure?

When a data breach is revealed, a frenzied scramble begins in its wake. Customers, patients or other affected people check their bank statements, credit card bills and other personal security details for anything amiss or incorrect.

The public has seen a long list of department stores, healthcare providers and bank data breach victims, but what about fitness businesses? How would a security issue affect them?

According to Sports and Fitness Insurance Corporation, it wouldn’t be pretty. A breach in security can hurt the relationship between members and clients, bill collectors and employees. Small and medium size businesses are just as susceptible to hacks as larger businesses, and may also lack the protection needed to secure personal information.

Some data that could be stolen from a gym includes: first and last name, home address and bank card information. In addition, some fitness facilities also keep patient healthcare information on file. If a business receives direct insurance reimbursement for services, and their data is breached, they must comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) as well as their own in place response process.

A system-related attack can influence many factors of a fitness business including:

  • Destruction of hardware and software
  • Exposure of patient, vendor, client, employee or other’s personal identifying information
  • Interruption of ongoing operations that can hinder business practices and revenue
  • Release of sensitive business information.

To avoid a data breach, or costly mistake related to a recent malware hack or other system attack, have a plan in place for if it does happen.

Invest in a secure, reliable point of sale and inventory system to ward off attacks on your business. A secure point of sale system can protect customer information as well as the reputation of your fitness facility. For more information, visit our website.