Shopping continues into the holiday season.

 ShopperTrack, a global provider of consumer behavior insights and analytics, recently released the preliminary sales estimates for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The two major shopping days accumulated $12.1 billion in combined sales, an estimated decrease from 2014.

Thanksgiving saw about $1.8 billion in sales, while Black Friday came in at $10.4 billion.

“This year, we saw Black Friday ads emerge before Halloween, as retailers aimed to get at the shopper’s wallet early,” said Kevin Kearns, ShopperTrak chief revenue officer. “And from our data, we saw greater retail sales generated prior to the Black Friday weekend, which is a result of retailers successfully elongating the holiday season.”

What does the outcome of the two major shopping days tell retailers for the rest of the holiday shopping season?

  • Although online shopping remains a critical part of the buying process, patrons are still visiting brick and mortar stores. During this time, store layout and customer service is essential. Customers expect a seamless shopping experience with help nearby when necessary, short lines and an abundance of products.
  • Shoppers are researching their projected purchases. Similar to years before, the internet remains a catalyst for finding the best deals and sales, especially when it comes to comparing different stores. Shoppers are arriving at stores with a purchase in mind, highlighting the importance of stocked inventory and the ability to look up items with ease.
  • Though many shoppers want the hottest deals as soon as possible, opening on actual holidays remains frowned upon, as seen in the numbers from Thanksgiving shopping.

Keep customer desires and experience in mind throughout the rest of the December shopping season. For a seamless, reliable point of sale system or more retail tips, visit our website.