How is the point of sale industry changing?

With the EMV liability shift deadline of October 1, 2015 long gone, many small businesses may be wondering what information they should base their point of sale choice on.

The EMV change consisted of a deadline for retail merchants who accept payment in the form of credit and debit cards. Their systems had to be changed to include the new EMV chip and pin platform, adding an extra layer of security for both vendors and patrons.

If you’ve already made this change what other improvements should you be looking at? Keep the following three recommendations in mind:

  • Consider upgrading the entire system: If your point of sale system is on the older side, your business may be even more open to vulnerabilities such as hacks and viruses. Updating an outdated system with a new and improved type is both cost-effective and often more secure in the long run. The system created by Visual Retail Plus has a range of capabilities including security, inventory tracking and staffing information protocols.
  • Look for modern functionality: Find a point of sale system that works for your specific needs. With purchase order capabilities, communication and time and attendance for employees, your business can run more efficiently from one set location.
  • Prepare for the future: Technology is changing all the time, and so should your abilities! Invest in a system that will grow with you through the latest changes, adaptations and add-ons. We are constantly making updates to VRP’s system with customers and consumers in mind.

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