Is your store ready for the remainder of the holiday shopping season?

With the holiday season upon shoppers across the globe, stress levels are rising, according to a new survey conducted by Needle, an e-commerce leader. The national consumer survey has found that gift giving has now surpassed family obligations and holiday travel for the most stressful aspect for this time of year.

Significant others were found to be the most difficult to buy for overall.

Shoppers are frustrated with their customer service experiences. Many feel that the sheer volume of available products and online reviews are hindering the overall purchasing experience. Before the arrival of online reviews and shopping, customers would often trust the opinions of store employees when deciding which gifts to purchase.

69 percent of those surveyed now indicate that they are more likely to trust gift advice from someone who actually owns the product or uses it, rather than the person actually selling it. Retailers should hire and ensure that employees are well-versed in what they are selling. Customers expect an expert opinion when deciding on which purchase to make. Creating an authentic, knowledgeable experience can increase the number of visitors and enhance the overall shopping experience.

“We as consumers are looking for someone with expertise and personal experience to assess our situations, make recommendations that feel right and boost our confidence in purchases,” said Morgan Lynch, founder and CEO of Needle.

The survey also found that:

  • 43 percent of shoppers plan to shop online for gifts this holiday season.
  • 49 percent of respondents plan on purchasing gift cards to eliminate some of the stress.
  • 59 percent said finding a gift for their significant other is most important, but one in four have no idea where to begin shopping.

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