Connectivity and other technologies are pushing retail operations.

The Internet of Things has taken the technology landscape by storm over the last year, as can be seen from many products that were introduced at CES and other industry specific conferences. There is no telling what devices could be connected in the years to come.

This is something that was brought up in a recent LinkedIn discussion by national sales executive Norbert Altenstad. He makes the case that the latest technology can be used in a number of ways to improve business operations.

“The solutions and technologies that enable the full integration and intelligence for Big data, security, social media, hardware, people and services is what drives leading edge businesses today. The thought of each action causing a logical re-action is interesting and a little frightening for retailing supply chain logistics,” Altenstad wrote.

He went on to talk about the possibilities of having a coffee cup that is part of an interconnected kitchen. It would be able to monitor the temperature of the java, know when a refill is needed, ensure the ingredients are in stock and make a fresh cup when the current one is empty.

This can be used in the retail world as well. Imagine knowing every time a product it picked up off a shelf but not purchased, or tracking how long customers spend browsing before checking out. This can all be used to help convert traffic into sales.

Technology can become the great equalizer for businesses and interconnectivity can open up a vast array of new data that decision makers can use to improve how they operate. However, companies will need the right store management software solution to be able to successfully use all of these new age solutions. Visual Retail Plus it the right point of sale system for your business. Please contact us for more information and a first look at our new demo!