Mobile technology is changing the way we shop.

According to Point of Sale News, in-store mobile technology benefits continue to emerge as the field grows bigger by the day.

As more and more retailers implement this form of payment and checkout into their stores, it’s clear that other places will follow suit. Using this type of payment, customers are able to bypass long lines and check out virtually anywhere in the store. In addition, employees are capable of upselling or cross-selling products, by using the search button to display related products on the floor.

Using a mobile POS system also boosts brand awareness and loyalty. By showing customers available purchase options at the touch of a fingertip, it streamlines the entire process, as well as indicates an advancement of technology many customers like to see in their frequent shopping.

The number one factor that is most affected by a mobile POS system is customer service. Brand loyalty, products for sale, and customer service are vital to raise revenue.

Customer service can greatly impact if a shopper will return, how their experience was overall and what they will tell their friends.

If a customer was caught in a long line, had to wait a while to have a question answered or never received a receipt, this can negatively impact their opinion of their experience, losing a point of revenue in the process.

Visual Retail Plus understands the importance of customer service, security and a seamless experience for employees too.

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