Point of sale systems could offer shoppers a more customized experience with the IoT.

Technology has changed the face of retail. Where once you had to step into a store to choose specific items, you can now do so from your mobile device. As we rely more on technology, retailers must find ways to integrate into the shopping experience.

POS systems may provide a more customized interaction

Imagine you could pull up a customer’s entire shopping history when they walk up to the checkout counter using your point-of-sale software. According to a 2017 Point of Sale Industry Report from Creo, a POS provider, that may be a future feature of POS systems. Seventy-seven percent of surveyed retailers believe that personalized digital screens as part of the POS experience are here to stay. Marketers also see POS systems that can access a shopper’s history as a potential opportunity for retailers. As customers give more information to retailers, Creo indicated, it provides retailers the opportunity to customize the entire shopping experience to each person that walks in.

IoT could offer a more pleasant shopping experience

The Internet of Things phenomenon may also hit the brick-and-mortar store. Wireless sensors on shelves that alert associates when an item is out of stock may reduce frustration for customers. IoT may also address another pain point for customers: Many shoppers report that a long checkout time leads to a negative shopping experience. A 2017 Retail Vision Study from Zebra found that retailers are looking to address this problem by incorporating more mobile POS systems as well as additional kiosks to speed up check-out time. These up-to-date POS systems may also be able to update with price changes faster and minimize the anger that customers feel when there is a price difference between an online product and one in store.

Advocates of IoT and customization see the benefits these technologies can offer retailers. However, customers and organizations concerned about privacy take pause. Retailers are targeted for data breaches, exposing customers’ credit card information to hackers. If we are to include more personalized experiences in store, they must be matched by an increase in security.

Technology continues to change at a rapid pace and it affects all sectors. Customers are on their phones more – and marketing companies are eager to find a way to tap into the information they provide. While POS systems have some ways to go, there is plenty that retailers can use currently. A point-of-sale system can send customized email offers and can post messages to social media with tailored offers based on sales data. To make the most of the retail space for your customers, you may need to invest in a POS. Reach out to Visual Retail Plus to learn how a POS can improve your business.