Omni-channel retail is becoming a major push for many merchants.

When it comes to the retail industry, there are many different platforms through which companies can sell products to consumers. The growth of online shopping and mobile devices have caused many businesses to invest in e-commerce solutions. When you factor in the use of mobile point of sale systems, cloud infrastructures and dealing with multiple physical locations, there are many avenues to manage.

According to an article from Forbes, this has created a new push in retail for omni-channel solutions. The piece profiled American Eagle Outfitters, which has increased its online sales from $307 million in 2008 to $467 million in 2012. This market has also increased at least 10 percent in each of the last three quarters, including 24 percent in Q1.

While the growth potential from e-commerce is obviously there, American Eagle has struggled to turn it into big business due to the inability to keep up with customer demand and the lack of a POS with fully integrated e-commerce solutions.

“The U.S. apparel industry is gradually shifting towards omni-channel retailing, which refers to providing a seamless shopping experience across stores and online channel,” the article reads. “This is becoming an inevitable move for U.S. apparel retailers.”

The article goes on to say that the current landscape of omni-channel retailing is still in the development phase in the U.S because they are unable to predict shopping demands. With the help of a retail solution provider that specializes in integrated retail solutions, any merchant will be able to improve overall operations by looking at various reports such as red level and min/max. Visual Retail Plus is the finest point of sale system for retail and business. Please contact us today for more information and to explore our new demo.