Businesses need to integrate e-commerce and physical sales reporting.

The e-commerce side of a business is becoming more important in all industries and there are numerous ways that a business can improve the look and functionality of their websites. Most of us have made purchases through a website and been turned away from doing so because it is poorly designed or glitchy. Just look at the fiasco that has been created because of health care registration site.

A recent article from Hubspot examined several of the important factors of a website that organizations should focus on as a top priority. These include site design, traffic and social metrics, calls-to-action and the checkout process. Problems in any of these processes can be enough for a consumer to close the window without making a purchase.

While these are important for the user experience, businesses need to make sure the site is optimized to work for them. Imagine a company that has both an online and brick-and-mortar platform. Each location is seeing traffic and making quality sales, but they run on different systems that do not integrate with each other.

There are many issues that can arise from this. Aside from the extra work it would take to examine two different sets of sales reports, this also means inventory tracking becomes increasingly difficult and can lead to customer issues. Imagine if one platform sells out of an item and the other is not aware of it.

This is why a POS system with fully integrated e-commerce solution that combines sales and inventory numbers from all platforms is crucial for success and should not be ignored. Contact us at Visual Retail Plus for more information about our state of the art point of sale system. Ask us how to access your free demo software.