With e-commerce growing, retailers need to make sure they have integrated the system successfully.

Some believe that the increased impact of online shopping has caused the power of the brick-and-mortar location to begin diminishing. With the ability to pull a smartphone out of your pocket and make a purchase at anytime, from anywhere, the preferred purchasing method is starting to change.

In a recent guest blog from the Nashville Business Journal, Walt Burton examined the influence of e-commerce on the retail world. While he makes the case that online platforms have become a key for many organizations, they need to make sure they integrate it correctly.

“Successful retailers are investing in their brands and focusing on offering value that can’t be replicated outside the store,” the article reads. “They’re displaying art and improving music playlists and lighting at stores. They’re offering product demonstrations and other in-store training options that consumers cannot experience at home.”

The article goes on to say that organizations also need to manage the online platform by integrating technology at the store level to assist consumers in identifying and locating merchandise. Organizations have also been able to incorporate mobile applications as a way to improve engagement while they are walking around the store.

Another way organizations can improve the adoption of the internet is through the use of a POS with fully integrated e-commerce solution. This will improve the ability for any company to integrate the reporting and inventory management solution of multiple sales platforms. This way, every sale that is made through the website can be accounted for in real-time and sales associates can provide the best possible customer experience. For the ultimate in POS for retail be sure and check out the Visual Retail Plus suite of software. Contact us for more information about our free demo and pricing.