Integrating online and brick-and-mortar retail is key to success.

The latest technology has changed the way many organizations operate. While the feeling is that companies need to completely change pace in favor of the latest solutions, the fact of the matter is that a more integrated approach is needed.

A recent article from CNN Money examined some of the biggest trends that are currently hitting the retail world, chief among them is managing an omni-channel approach. The most interesting takeaway from the article is that while technology like the internet has forever changed retail, brick-and-mortars are here to stay.

The reason for this is that physical stores still offer value to the consumers. However, many traditional ways of running a business need to be tweaked in order to remain successful. The biggest is not ignoring the latest technology and instead embracing it.

“Retailers have been talking a lot about ‘omni-channel,’ an industry term that means shoppers can transition seamlessly between both physical and digital stores,” the article reads. “It’s something many retailers aspire to, but for now, few are totally omni-channel, whereby their online and physical businesses are fully integrated in terms of inventories, budgets, compensation, and sales/purchases processes.”

This is becoming increasingly important, because with consumers becoming more sophisticated, organizations that remain in the middle will struggle to stay relevant. Companies that understand this, however, will be able to adopt solutions that meet consumer needs and can help push traffic and the the convergence rate.

Retailers need to start molding these solutions together. A POS with fully integrated e-commerce solution can be the first step down the path of a successful omni-channel approach. At Visual Retail Plus we have designed the most complete POS system for your business. Please contact us for more information and a free demo of our software.