Do you think your customers are happy with their shopping experience? Have you asked? Probably not.


If you are like most retailers, you don’t have any idea whether or not your customers are satisfied. Take a look at these statistics and then consider whether or not any of this sounds familiar. If it does, give us a call and schedule a demo today. You need to give your customers a great experience. Don’t make them feel like shopping with you is a chore.


It Is All In The Data

In January, Capgemini Consulting’s Digital Transformation Institute released a retail survey that made the future of brick and mortar retail look pretty bleak for anyone who isn’t paying close attention to customer experience. One third of consumers said that they would literally rather wash dishes than have to go shopping at a retail store.


As online user experiences improve, brick and mortar shops have to do more than keep up, they have to learn how to exceed expectations. There are whole fields of study just related to making sure users have a good online experience. You can even get a Ph.D. on the subject! Academics call it the study of human factors. So, as you can imagine, consumers are only going to get more and more demanding when they venture out into the retail world in person.


The Capgemini study was conducted worldwide, and while the United States may have fared better overall, things are still not looking very good for our retail industry. The statistics for US shoppers that would rather wash dishes was 17 percent. And more than 30 percent said that they viewed shopping as just one of the many chores they had to get done.


The Bare Minimum

In order to remain competitive, your brick and mortar store has to, at the very least, meet consumers baseline expectations. When is that last time you updated your POS technology? If it has been more than a year or two, the chances are pretty good you don’t even possess the technology you need to begin meeting customer requirements.


Is you POS integrated with your e-commerce, inventory and other systems? It better be, or your customers are going to quickly be frustrated. If you have to get on the phone to check inventory levels or see if a size is available at another location, you’re going to lose sales.


The immediate response and high-level of service that shoppers have been conditioned to expect during their online shopping experience, has to translate. If anything more than a few keystrokes is required to answer their questions or find what they need, it is too much.


The Bar Is Moving

What seems to you like a value-added or luxury feature may be considered basic functionality by your consumers. Here’s a little more data from the study for you to chew on.


  • 75 percent of consumers want to be able to check availability before visiting a store.
  • 73 percent expect same-day delivery for in-store purchases.
  • 68 percent expect a loyalty points program that rewards them for spending time in store.
  • 61 percent think retailers should offer lower prices with a store membership, similar to what they get with an Amazon Prime membership.


As if this wasn’t bad enough, what you think is important and what your customers think is important may not be the same thing. Here’s an example. Eighty one percent of retail executives surveyed said that they believed an in-store experience was an important part of the shopping journey. Only 45 percent of consumers surveyed felt that way.



If this data concerns you at all, please give us a call. We can help you address these issues, get your technology up-to-date, and prepare to be competitive as the future of technology in retail unfolds.