How effective is your point of sale system in terms of mobile and cloud advancements?

As the point of sale market continues to change, how should your business adapt or remain the same?

One of the newest advantages taking the industry by storm is mobile point of sale systems, but why?

Many businesses are making the change based on its numerous advantages including:

  • Efficiency: By accessing payments from anywhere in the store, as well as a range of store information, the entire efficiency of the business is expanded. As customers are used to a seamless, quick experience in their daily routines, their retail store experience should be the same way.
  • Environmentally friendly: When everything is digital, the amount of tangible waste is reduced greatly. By emailing receipts to customers and saving information in a virtual environment, a business’ total carbon footprint is also reduced, saving both the environment and the cost of monthly utility bills.
  • Mobile payments: Although cash will obviously always be a form of payment, many people rely on plastic forms as their main source of money when shopping. If your point of sale system isn’t updated with the latest security features or advancements, or isn’t capable of serving a certain card, a business may be at risk of losing some customers.

Visual Retail Plus has a range of features available for your business, including mobile point of sale capabilities and cloud reporting. Mobile and cloud advancements allow employees to help customers on the floor anywhere in the store, check inventory levels when necessary and process payments.

Our cloud reporting technology allows employees to view markups, purchase orders and other vital information as well. To learn more about our system, visit our website.