Luxury items and online sales are expected to do well this Christmas.

This year, the holiday shopping season is set to begin on the Monday before Thanksgiving, with retailers hustling to bring in the most sales possible.

Businesses are expected to enjoy strong retail sales, especially online and in the luxury sector. Nate Forbes, of The Forbes Company, recently told NBC News that the sale of luxury items is expected to experience its fifth straight year of double-digit growth, and that online sales are estimated to represent 12 percent of total holiday sales.

Business Insider projects that online sales will generate $100 billion in the fourth quarter, which represents a 16 percent increase over last year.

The company also found that retailers are focusing more on mobile sales this holiday season, especially those businesses that don’t have a traditionally strong web focus. Target, for instance, has developed an even larger mobile campaign than Amazon currently operates. Mobile purchases grew by 48 percent in the second quarter, totaling about $8 billion.

Retailers are also focusing on streamlining their check-out process for customers in an effort to complete as many transactions as possible. This means creating a seamless purchase experience by using a point of sale and inventory system that tracks both in-store and online merchandise. This way, customers can easily order products online that are not in stock in the brick-and-mortar location. Many businesses are even offering free two-day shipping as a way to encourage buyers to follow through with purchases.

Make sure your company is using the best, most sophisticated point of sale system available during this holiday season. Consumers want to purchase their items in an efficient and simple manner, and having an enjoyable and easy shopping experience will encourage them to return to your store in the future.