More companies are struggling when it comes to data security.

PCI compliance is something that every merchant needs to be aware of, and with high profile breaches like what Target experienced during the holiday season, it is more important than ever. The problem is that many organizations still need to make security a priority.

A recent eBook that was released by MWC Partners focused on achieving PCI compliance and the struggles that organizations face.

“Many retailers do recognize the importance of good security, but are struggling to understand the full PCI compliance requirements and to get a clear definition of what they need to achieve,” the article reads. “The changing landscape is another challenge for retailers, demonstrated recently by the withdrawal of support for the Windows XP operating system.”

The report indicates that 17 percent of companies see cyber security as a major priority and this is with 47,000 data security incidents reported from 27 countries last year. On top of that, there were 621 confirmed breaches and 44 million records compromised.

Retailers need to meet this challenge head-on. This means investing in a point of sale computer system, firewalls, anti-virus software and encryption protocols. Companies also need to improve reporting solutions which can help in identifying any potential security issue before it grows into something larger.

However, this could require organizations to change their internal thinking and look for different ways to manage operations. For companies that struggle with this, partnering with a quality solution provider that specializes in mastering security can help any organization focus on security. This allows business decision makers to focus on other needs while the professionals focus on point of sale retail software and security. For the ideal point of sale system for your retail business, please contact Visual Retail Plus for a free demo and an in depth explanation of our exciting features.